Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Twin Caddies? Why not?

When it comes to caddies, I want new faces, new ways to approach the game, new people. After getting stiffed from playing/completing a Tee Time with the Game Masters due to Windows 10 issues, I ended up convincing my mother to drop $20. As a result, I ended up securing on the last of six Premium Coins Elly and Tory (S), the better version of the Fenne twin caddies. Essentially this is Black Papel with an extra control boost. Can you believe that I am a Master A, and I have yet to secure Black Papel!? Absolute shock.

Anyway, back to the caddies. I wrote a new vignette on the twins and how they followed the comets to escape North Korea and Pyongyang to take permanent refuge on Pangya Island after I completed training the caddies over a span of four days that saw my alt account reach National A rank and see a good deal of my yams get used up. A number of minor achievements also got secured along the way and now I have more than enough cubes for the next set of Papel Boxes. It's nice to finally have a new caddie after using A.H.M.I.E. for the past eight months.

However, with nearly all the winnable caddies secured (I still need Cien S, A.H.M.I.E. S and the regular Elly and Tory, along with Golden Papel and Black Papel), I may now be concerned with completing the character mastery on my players. Right now I am working on getting Spika to 250 games. Already past the halfway point but I need to reload on my Time Boosters to keep the drive going. I am guessing that I will be done completing Spika's Character Mastery by the end of the month, maybe sooner if my main computer can stop giving me black screens of death when I play the game and the system lags.

In several hours, a new maintenance will take place. We haven't had a new Gacha update since July and it's about time that we got the new batch of swimsuits that Japan currently has. If we're going to have the swimsuits, they need to be rolled out over two months. If the first batch with Hana R is available, I already know what I'm going to invest my points on. Otherwise, I am not sure what the new update will be, other than Max's birthday event taking place around this time.

Aside from that, September has been off to a fair, if rocky start. Pangya Global must have a new Gacha update soon. The bangles don't interest me unless it's part of a swimwear set, and I have Hana R's and Kooh's 2015 sets as a high priority.
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