Thursday, October 01, 2015

I Need To Buy That Plum Witch Set On My Main.

Currently on the Pangya Global Servers, this new Gacha of Purple Conquest Sets for the men is out. It's a Gacha that I will not go after because it is not the swimsuits. The Korean developers are in some massive trouble. They can't get their server settled, and that affect us because we are supposed to be aligned with the Koreans. Aligning with Japan has massive advantages in terms of providing content and events, and the inability of Global's staff to have a say in this matter puts Pangya Global at an unnecessary crossroads.

Still, I carry on. I have passed 10,000 EXP on the road to 17,000-plus EXP to reach Top Master E rank and achieve a penalty power mark of 31. Further, on the Gamerage forums, I am closing in on reaching 1,000 posts after being away due to a suspension that was supposed to last one week but ended up being extended by eight days due to a short staff. Well, that's what should be the case, however, I am wary that they did this deliberately, and that just exacerbates the issue with Pangya Global: a small staff and an inability to monitor account suspension times timely and professionally.

In any case, I am not going to apologize for the act that got my forum account suspended, which was my take on the origins of Elly and Tory arriving on Pangya Island: essentially an escape from North Korea unharmed due to following the comets to the unknown boat to freedom. That's all it was, and I copped a 16-day suspension for it. Fortunately, the fic is still standing on tumblr and, so go check that out.

Fanfic writing, meanwhile, will be halted, as well as dynasty simming, until there is a significant lull in my Pangya grinding. There is a Halloween event that should be coming up next week. I want to buy the Plum Witch Set for Hana on my main. I also would like to see the event from last year back for this year, which would allow new players to get a free costume set for Hana R, as well as the poster. It's one that I already have but I would like to get again, if only to get the other color palette.

Currently, I am getting Arin to 250 games played. I have done 160 so far and would need two weeks of 10 games per day to max out her Character Mastery. The issue here is that I am running low on Time Boosters and I will need to buy some Boosters this month so that I can get her to that point, at which playing Arin will be only brought out as needed.

Hana, Hana R, Nuri R, Cecilia R, Lucia, Nell, Spika and Kooh have all reached 250 games and their character mastery has been maxxed out. Arin is the only popular character in my arsenal that has not reached this milestone and because of this, she will be a focus point for the next few weeks. I am a few Tiki Points away from having the 100 TP needed, and I am past Master E. Most likely I will do some more recycling and then all that's needed is to play the games. Once Arin reaches 250, I may consider going back to playing Hana R, who is my default main character, or going for pushing Hana (a.k.a. Madoka) to 2500 games. Achievement Points acquired (pardon the bad pun) is over 9,000.

Oh yeah, and it's my mom's birthday today.

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