Monday, January 26, 2015

So They Made Hana R A Guinea Pig. Big Deal.

I have been receiving some delicious complaints about Hana R getting too many special free outfits on Pangya Global. Cecilia R was just released earlier on the Global Server earlier this month, full of bugs and what not; however, she was not as emphasized much in regards to free event sets. I spent the past few days burning my Grand Prix tickets to get Sheep Dolls to send to Cadie to turn them into Variety Gift Box Rs. Three of them were enough to complete the uniform. That took eight Event Grand Prix go-arounds on Wiz City on my end as well as my alts.

My alt account did so well that it defeated an established World Pro by one stroke while beating my main account in terms of score. Wiz City is a course that I can only do when I have Auto Calipers and Assist on because it allows me to hit the right spots on the booster gates. In addition, hitting the power spin correctly is absolutely important because it improves my chance of my comet remaining on the green, instead of spinning out of bounds.

My alt account scored a -31, which is unheard of by my standards. Normally, I score in the mid 20's on a map like Wiz City, but to hit the 30's on my alt account, which is used as a foil to my main on VS. match play games, is proof that my alt does have use after all. My alt account is now a Pro C, while my main account is now a World Pro A. Both my accounts are still pro accounts, but that could change in two or three months' time.

Anyway, back to the complaints. Here's a sample of some of them. The names have been nixed to protect the butthurt/asspained/etc.


Really I hate it. I thought as we got Nuri R and Hana R "Yes, now they have to make some more clothes for Nuri" (for Your information. I like Nuri the most, so i would have been really really happy to see some more. And i Think Male clothes are really rare.)

But now we have them for some time... and what did we get? 

Hana R Halloween Set

Hana R Moulin Rouge Set

And NOW Hana R Sheep Set

Where is Nuri R Halloween Set?

Where is Nuri R Santa Outfit?

And where is Nuri R Sheep Outfit? 

Really Pangya i love the free outfits, but does it have to be only Hana? We got TWO New characters not one. 

I know the guys are left out the most of the time, but this is sadder than sad. I would appraise if pangya would make some more for him too. 

There are soo many Mangas and Animes or RPGs with lovely Male Clothes. There are Thiefs, Knights, Sorcerer, Warrior etc. etc. really look in your typical RPG Games you get really great outfits for male character. So where ist the Problem? (I Know i think i know your reason, because the most players are Male and so the favorit Charakters are the females with big Pang!.)

I dont like this dismiss from Nuri R. I dont like this dismiss from All Male Charakter. As Max had his Birthday Outfits i thought "Yay they make now clothes for all Guys it is really time for this" But i was disappointed, because this was the only male clothe for free and for the guys. (The most gacha clothes are only for female) 

Really why cant you give the guys a little different Clothes as the girls? I would have liked to have Fairy Guys (Really Thinkerbell has some Guys so why cant they have such Outfits?) I would have liked santa outfits for them. Or special Agents. Or Docs. Most of all i would really like Princes and Kings. Where are the typical Male Outfits i can think of?  

I know this rant ist here on the wrong side, because the maker are not here but in Korea, but i have to rant and hope i´m not the only one, and maybe... maybe this Guys here from Gamerage have a little bit Kontakt with the makers and can send some wishes. We would like to have more guy outfits. 

And really i think if they would make some more for the male Charakters, we would spend money for them. (I know some of us like Kaz, Nuri or Max, so why cant they have more?) (And i think i would like to have a king to my princesses ;P Or the Punky Guy etc.) 

What do you guys think about this Favoritism from Hana R and the females? 

I know most of the time the newest Characters are the favorit and get most of the new Clothes (I understand really) But now we have had Nuri R and Hana R at the same time... and only hana gets good stuff. 

I like her really and i like her new R, but i would have liked to see more Nuri R.

I see it coming. Now with Cecilia R Nuri R is lost and can make his place in the corner, because i cant play him at the moment, because my old Nuri ist better than him and i dont get the chance to make Nuri R Better, because i dont get Stuff for him. 


I've made my thoughts pretty clear on this numerous times since the remodels release.
And I stand by what I've said.

The reason why females get preference, is because of the physical/sexual appeal.
Assuming that the playerbase (at least in KR, since that's who we get our content off) is mostly males, then the idea of looking at womanly jiggly-bits is going to rake in more money than ogling dudes.

Yes, there are also people who do want to see more stuff for the guys, but from what I've seen, we are in the minority there.


Girls = $$$$

Ceci was never popular to begin with due to her high Curve (Most Glasses are +10)

Hana R is getting the attention because they know that people will put loads of money into her. Kooh, Arin, Lucia, Spika, Nell.

Those characters will get loads of attention when their R Versions come around. I can bet a Dolfini on it....


End comments.

I have played this game for over a year and a half, and I have concluded that there is a core group of six characters that a majority of players prefer to play as: Hana, Kooh, Arin, Lucia, Nell and Spika. By this token, the next series of free rares will most likely come after the Kooh remodel. I would advise for the fans who are slighted by this to wait and check out the remodels for Azer, Max and Kaz. Those three should shut the frustrated female gamers on the Global server up until Kooh R comes around.