Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Akagi, save me!

Like Akagi from Kantai Collection (who I now would like to have as a personal companion), I find my refuge in eating comfort food. For Akagi, it's plenty of rice and curry, although she doesn't play favorites when it comes to eating (or, as they say in KanColle lingo, "resupplying"). As for me, I like a good-quality burger like the El Diablo Six Dollar Burger from Carl's Jr., a decent side like jalapeno poppers, a bag of Funyuns (my personal sine qua non of snacks) and perhaps a Magnum Chcocolate Infinity bar as a closer.

The reason why I chose to invest in a nice morning supper after a long night of Pangya is because I am disappointed by some events regarding the game. Days prior to the promotion date closing, they removed the Hanbok for the remodels off the shelves. Then, on April Fools' Day, what was supposed to be a sale for the Good Club Set (a.k.a the invisible golf clubs) ends up becoming the worst maintenance update in as long as I have played the game: a simple update for a new Daily Quest Bonus event.

It didn't stop there. Last Saturday, what was supposed to be a Tee Time with the Game Masters as per the notice turned out to be a false alarm, even though I was offline due to covering a soccer match. Then, on Monday, it was announced that the Personal Shops on Dolfini were shut down yet again, in a vain attempt to deflate the rare prices.

Why is Pangya Team obsessed with this losing streak of mistakes and errors? I feel this is deliberate drivel coming out of Pangya Team and something is going on in Korea and Turkey that in a perfect world, I would know the details about. Based on the cycles, a new Pangya maintenance would be scheduled for next week, and it would be Hana's birthday event, replete with Grand Prix updates and perhaps new maps to do in Grand Prix mode.

I am baffled by these stall tactics from Pangya Team and I am hoping the other servers in Korea (of course, we are supposedly patterned after them ), Japan (who I want us to align with), and Thailand take notice of this: Global is getting shafted yet again and all of the active veterans playing are innocent victims. I really don't care what they decide to do: I want them to sell the Good Club Set, even for just one day. I still have money to throw at them for this, they just have to offer it. That's going to be my main club set for the long haul, but the ball is in Pangya Team's court.

Oh Akagi, I wish you were here so I could do a little guilty motorboating of my own to put my mind off what has been a sorry, sorry several days for the Pangya Team. This is not looking good...

Eh!? What's that? You ate Hiei's curry of mass destruction!!? 
Noooooooooo!!!! T_T