Friday, April 17, 2015

Well this Event Grand Prix was worth it...maybe?

So I ended up winning the Blue Lagoon Set for Hana, which is this strawberry print bikini that I have been seeing on danbooru under the pangya tag for years. I wanted to get this, if only for the nostalgic feel to it. Actually, I really wanted the 2011 swimwear for Hana because it's a mix-and-match and I already know how I would customize it.

This took numerous grinding of my Grand Prix tickets. I gathered up 480 Hana Birthday Comets along the way. You divide that up, and that is, hmmm, 24 go-arounds on Pink Wind, my favorite of all the Pangya courses out there. Sometimes I played uncontested, other times I was forced to finish second or third. Whatever the case, as of this post, I racked up 59 Hana Memorial Special coins, and the 33rd coin yielded the Blue Lagoon Set. I also cleared the Super Rare Item Collector achievement by winning this.

I also padded my Hole In One and Albatross tallies, and even got some to go in off backspins, clearing another achievement along the way. Nine more achievements and I reach the mythical Memorial Level 29. I say mythical because Memorial Levels are capped at 24.

The reason why I am still motivated to do this Hana Birthday Grand Prix are for a number of reasons. First, I am closing in on finishing Top 3 in Event GP 100 times. That will yield some Memorial Normal Coins. Another achievement requires me to win Event GP 100 times. However, I cannot reach that achievement if there are other people in the room. I am past the 70 wins mark there, but I have a long way to go and I doubt I will clear that by the time the Hana Birthday GP concludes.

Finally, I want to get that 2011 swimwear off the Memorial Special coins. If I get that, I will really not have that much pressure to play the event, but I wouldn't mind recycling more comets so that I can come close to 100 Tiki points and cap off Hana's or rather, Madoka's character mastery.

Now there has been a number of changes at the game. This past week, we had three maintenances in the same week. One took place on Wednesday, another took place early Thursday and the last took place late Thursday into Friday. Korea is getting a new publisher for Pangya. SmileGate Megaport is taking over for Gametree. And some other changes related to the game are taking place. That's nice, but it's thinning traffic out here on Black Papel and Dolfini. Come on now!

I am actually relieved for another reason: I finally got the Good Club Set, the Club Set of Wisdom that is now officially my main club set. Pangya Team decided to make this a two-week sale instead of a one-day sale. My goal is to make that club set The Greatest Club Set You Will Never See Because It Cannot Be Seen. Currently it is a C-rank Level 5, but next Friday, I plan to open the wallet and make it at least an A-rank Level 5, but need to farm more mastery.

I've only completed my second day using the clubs, but now it is marching toward B-rank without having to move mastery from my Miracle Voice Clubs because it has passed the 4,000 mastery point mark. If I can farm the required mastery points by next Friday, when I get my paycheck, I will be able to rank my Club Set of WIsdom twice in the same week and possibly the same day. This could be an A-rank Level 5 club set and now it's going to be it really good form heading into the long road to S-rank. That is going to take possibly five or six months of constant play to get it there. I'm also hoping for financial assistance from a couple of partners I work with so that I can get my main clubs ranked even faster.

The only deficiency regarding these clubs is the accuracy. With my main character Madoka (a.k.a. Hana), the accuracy is an abysmal 19. The rank up to B-rank will make it 20, but I'm not going to stop there, I'd like Alex Seed to improve the accuracy stat a little bit more so that these clubs will be worth the use. Spin and curve are fine and I wouldn't mind those stats improved, and adding more to control wouldn't hurt, either, but I want the accuracy to be a whole lot better. 20 should be the minimum accuracy level for my clubs, and I need to play my Club Set of Wisdom at the current rank for three or four more days before it reaches the 11000 points necessary.

Aside from that, I am excited to finally be able to hit comets using air. I like to sometimes make a mockery of the sport by using a non-regulation club set, and the Club Set of Wisdom is what a club set should really be. My main account and my alt account are happy to make this a new tradition in terms of playing Pangya at the home of the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue.