Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Pangya Global: Dedicated...To The Dedicated.

What a week this is going to be. I have just done, for the first time, a Play To Win Event in which I had to grind out 1200 holes to be eligible to receive some Lucky Pouches on Pangya Global. That's $75 worth of pouches, fifteen in all, to go with cubes and cards. My old friend, Aries, did complete this one time and got the full complement of rewards. I decided that this time, I would finish the event in its entirety.

Originally, I scheduled this for seven days completion, but after I received a project from Mohd Faris Mohd Fadil regarding Korea, I had to fasttrack the proceedings. So, at about a little before 1, I had finished the event and later in the early morning, played a few more rounds to ensure that I did not lose count. So any more holes that I do from this point will just add to the 1200 that I completed through VS Stroke, VS Match, Tournament, and Grand Prix. And I burned through a storm of Time Boosters just to get this event finished.

There is a possibility that I end up winning nothing but Lucky Sets. This is going to upset me greatly because anything that I get from the Lucky Sets, if it isn't an Auto Caliper or Time Booster, will be recycled. Now I had maxed out on adding Character Mastery Slots. There are a few characters that have yet to reach 50 games completed. Those are the characters that I will look to add slots to, but after putting Classic Nuri on the brink of completion (he still needs to reach 250 games), I have no more slots to fill.

But if all I get are Lucky Sets and the win rates on these pouches are disgustingly nerfed, I'm going to take back my thank-you to the developers for setting up this event. You don't punish your players by giving them nerfed pouches after they sacrificed a lot of time to complete 1200 holes. Ideally, I'd like to win mostly rares, but I am estimating I will win three to five sets because I am very wary of the rates being nerfed.

In any case, I have to wait for the next maintenance on June 18, at which I expect to receive my share of pouches. But after I completed the event, I raised my hands in the air in triumph. It's like I ran a marathon while sitting down. Strange. But that is the mystique of Play to Win. It's my favorite Pangya event because it is an event dedicated to the dedicated. I also am now halfway towards reaching Master B rank. In less than a month, I will have completed two years of this game. What a week this is shaping up to be.