Friday, August 21, 2015

ISML 2015: World-Class Mugging Sees Chiyo Sakura Deny Fate Sweep

ISML 2015: World-Class Mugging Sees Chiyo Sakura Deny Fate Sweep
Sakura wins Ruby Necklace, Archer takes Pendant

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
August 21, 2015

Rin Tohsaka fans were up in arms when it was announced that Chiyo Sakura was projected to win the 2015 International Saimoe League Ruby Necklace. Sakura, one of the rising stars from the Nova Division, took home the Necklace outright, winning the Necklace match with 3089 votes (23.84%) for a calculation of 52.952. Tohsaka had a poor necklace match, earning just 1690 votes (13.04%) for a score calculation of 44.094. Chitoge Kirisaki, who is named by the Bedlam as the Challenger of Record to win the next necklace, the Emerald, earned 1933 votes (14.92%) for a score of 41.489.

With 1613 votes (12.45%), Illyasviel von Einzbern finished fourth in the calculation with a score of 40.798. Shiro, who had potential early on to be a relevant threat to the Tiara but whose star faded out, earned a calculation of 38.726 after winning 1725 votes (13.31%). Kotori Itsuka, who is under no pressure to win either of the two remaining necklaces given her position as defending league champion and Saimoe Leader of the Free World, earned a score calculation of 37.740 after winning 1776 votes (13.70%). Isuzu Sento held up the rear with a score of 36.695 after winning 1133 votes (8.74%).

While Kirisaki is considered to be the Challenger on Record by the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue, the race for the Emerald will actually be a bit more wide open. Insipid Ruby stretches for Mashiro Shiina, Asuna Yuuki and Ayase Aragaki could be offset by a strong Emerald run. With Fate Unlimited Blade Works being all the rage, its voters are deeply split between Rin and Illya, with Saber getting the scraps, and neither of the three will benefit from this split, making them all dark horses.

Chitoge is the strongest Nova contender yet to win a Necklace, but Shiro could be in the mix. Compounding the situation further for Nisekoi's world-famous Gorilla is the fact that all three Necklace winners hail from the Nova Division and momentum could be shifting to the Stella Division in the next period in an attempt to even out the playing field as the postseason nears. Finally, the big elephant in the room, Yui Yuigahama, could be lurking for a necklace herself to rival frontrunner Yukino Yukinoshita and add even more misery for the establishment in this competition. The only drawback for Yui is that Yukino and Hachiman Hikigaya have already won jewelry and a Necklace victory for Yuigahama would be overkill along the lines of a certain Angel Beats! angel.

China will be a region to keep an eye out for in the coming weeks ahead, as its voters will be dictating the balance of power to offset the West, which overwhelmingly supported Chiyo. In the Male Division's Ruby Pendant Match, it, along with just about every region, voted for Archer, who won 3165 votes (23.31%) for a score of 54.862. This leaves the door wide open for Sora to win the Emerald Necklace as the Bedlam's Challenger of Record. Sora earned a score of 46.341 after winning 2220 votes (16.35%).

Essentially the Emerald will be Sora vs. 32 others who have yet to win a single pendant. One of those contenders is Edward Elric, who earned a score of 46.631 after winning 1893 votes (13.94%). Keima Katsuragi also is a face that could steal a necklace from Sora. He earned a score of 41.027 after earning 1588 votes (11.70%). Accelerator's push towards a necklace win is going to be held in check by Touma Kamijou, sadly. He earned a score of 39.398 after winning 1683 votes (12.40%). Tomoya Okazaki is an outside to winning a necklace and may have to concede to saving his best for the Topaz. Tomoya earned a score of 35.916 after winning 1949 votes (14.36%). As for Touma himself? He held up the rear with a score of 34.250  after earning 1078 votes (7.94%).

Sora may actually be threatened by two faces that have not qualified for the Ruby Pendant match. Gintoki Sakata and Izayoi Sakamaki have had their share of victories and could provide a sterner test in the next pendant match, which Sora should more than likely qualify for. However, at some point a character that has been overlooked could finally get over the hump, and this could be the case for the Kuhaku pair of Sora and Shiro in the next period. There have been unconfirmed reports that the decision to have Sora unbeaten in the regular round-robin but not win a pendant as of yet is deliberate, as it is the overall prize of the Scepter that Sora is focusing his appeals for. A scenario of Sora and Shiro winning the Scepter and Tiara while not winning any necklaces or pendants is possible, and this is what oddsmakers are hedging on at this moment.

In the qualifier, Latifa Fleuranza defeated Nadeko Sengoku 2179-1943. Kirino Kousaka was third with 1911 votes. Akame was fourth with 1899 votes, Terminus Est was fifth with 1886 votes, Satone Shichimiya was sixth with 1885 votes and Nyarlathotep held up the rear with 1864 votes.

In dual exhibition action, Kosaki Onodera and Charlotte Dunois stomped Shana and Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere, spoiling her return to ISML action 4737-2488, Ayase Aragaki teamed up with Yuno Gasai to storm past Kurumi Tokisaki and Lucy in a yandere showdown 4434-2787, Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi and Azusa Azuki teamed up to score the Upset of the Round over Shinka Nibutani and Sanae Dekomori 3307-3169, Azusa Nakano and Yui-nyan rocked Eucliwood Hellscythe and Inori Yuzuriha 3444-3258, and one of the great legends of this competition, the world-famous Kanade "Tenshi" Tachibana, proved why she is simply too good for this league AND why her husband Yuzuru Otonashi is that good among the men, teaming up with Yuri Nakamura for a 5394-2245 hiding of Mashiro Shiina and Nanami Aoyama.

TOP 16, Nova Division
1. Yukino Yukinoshita (AQ)
2. Chiyo Sakura (RUB)
3. Kosaki Onodera (AM)
4. Yui Yuigahama
5. Shiro
6. Jibril
7. Kurumi Tokisaki
8. Chitoge Kirisaki
9. Isuzu Sento
10. Yoshino
11. Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi
12. Kurousagi
13. Stephanie Dola
14. Touka Yatogami
15. Shino Asada
16. Marika Tachibana

TOP 16, Stella Division
1. Rin Tohsaka
2. Ayase Aragaki
3. Illyasviel von Einzbern
4. Kotori Itsuka (C)
5. Asuna Yuuki
6. Mashiro Shiina
7. Eru Chitanda
8. Yuri Nakamura
9. Nanami Aoyama
10. Saber
11. Rikka Takanashi
12. Eucliwood Hellscythe
13. Kuroyukihime
14. Taiga Aisaka
15. Kurisu Makise
16. Yui-nyan

TOP 16, Male Division
1. Sora
2. Hachiman Hikigaya (AQ)
3. Archer (RUB)
4. Yuzuru Otonashi (AM)
5. Touma Kamijou
6. Accelerator
7. Gintoki Sakata
8. Izayoi Sakamaki
9. Edward Elric
10. Kiritsugu Emiya
11. Keima Katsuragi
12. Koyomi Araragi
13. Seiya Kanie
14. Ryuuji Takasu
15. Tomoya Okazaki
16. Kyon

Match Day 1 of the 2015 International Saimoe League Emerald Period is scheduled for Sunday, August 30, 2015. Vote for your favorites at and join the ongoing debate. ANd keep it right here on The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue for continuing coverage of the International Saimoe League, the world's premier anime character competition!