Friday, November 20, 2015

I Cheated The Black Friday Box Trap.

That's right, I decided to bail on the Black Friday Box Trap because I was happy winning the Kooh Kindergarten Set last year. So what I learned was that the Premium Memorial Coin drop rate from scratchies was buffed, but the rare item drop from the Premium Memorial Coins was nerfed. In my recent batch, I had won the WT-PEP for Nuri, which was kicked over to Nuri R...and I also won the Bunny Girl Set for Hana.

So I ended up getting a new costume set for Hana. However, as it turned out, it was a Bunny Girl outfit. Now, I am 300 opened spinning cubes away from unlocking the Band Set for Hana on my end after deciding to continue to push to find Black Papel from the opened Spinning Cubes. It's looking very likely that he will appear when I reach Top Master Rank. But I already have Bunny Sets for Lucia and Cecilia, so when this arrived on the scene, I was somewhat disappointed because this was not the 2011 Swimwear that I had been coveting for months.

Not a lot of money is coming in this time around. However, I was determined to finally add the PWC Club Set. This is the golf club set that I believe was used at the Pangya World Championships in 2011 and 2012 over in Japan. It's being used primarily by Spika and Hana to do cube fishing, but there will be a time where I finally put this to regular use. However, the money that I would put into buying up a storm in UCIM Chips to fast-track the ranking up of some of my clubs is instead being used to buy a new computer that will allow me to do my world AND play Pangya uninterrupted.

Currently, my screen has gone black more often than not, and it has gotten on my bad side. I am using a touchscreen computer that is, I think, seven or eight years old and I have plans to migrate the data to the new computer that will arrive in December, contingent on my employer's bonus check being substantial to cover expenses. It's gotten bad to the point where I cannot visit Canada next year due to a dire need for a brand new system.

Thus, I am consigned to counting down the days until the day of reckoning takes place in December, when I find out how much I get from my Christmas bonus check. I'm personally on pins and needles because I've had a faulty screen for weeks and I'm tired of seeing my productivity drop. This isn't just a Pangya issue. It's a PC issue. I know that I won't reach Top Master E until next January, though I am less than 3000 EXP away from reaching that mark. I'll get there in time. For now, I long for a brand-new system.

My screen just crashed again as I was about to publish this. That's how bad things are at the BoBA House. None of the computers I own are usable. Clock's ticking.