Monday, November 30, 2015

ISML 2015: Eru Chitanda elected 14th Saimoe Prime Minister of Japan!

ISML 2015: Eru Chitanda elected 14th Saimoe Prime Minister of Japan!
Yui-nyan wins Divine Circlet, Chitanda automatically retired from ISML Regular Season

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
November 30, 2015

Bells were ringing in all of the cathedrals of Osaka and all over the Kansai as Eru Chitanda was voted in as the 14th Saimoe Prime Minister of Japan after winning the Heavenly Tiara, defeating Yukino Yukinoshita 6430-5491, winning 54 percent of the vote. With the 2channel Anime Saimoe Tournament gone dark, the International Saimoe League champion will succeed Nodoka Haramura and Saki Miyanaga, the 2014 2channel AST joint winners.

The match is declared to be a massive upset and the Upset of the Round, as Eru Chitanda came into the postseason as a big longshot to the win the Tiara with humble odds of 12-1. The victory also means that the ISML will have two retirements from the competition proper, as Kotori Itsuka also will not be eligible to compete in the regular season.

"Houtarou always told me, if you're going to go out, go out with a bang," said Chitanda at the victory rally at Koshien Stadium. "The one person I love in this world was right all along. This season, I made it a priority to listen to everything he has to say because he told me that if I win this, I won't have to compete in this thing any longer.

"To everyone of you, all my constituents, all my supporters, all my friends, we are in a rough time in this world. I now realize that the mystique of this world is broad, deep, rich, something you just can't explain. To this end, I plan to spend my one year as Saimoe Prime Minister as a servant to the Japanese people. Let me know what you want to make our country better, and I will do the best I can to make your visions a reality.

"This world, despite all its troubles, its wars, strife and social parallels that of life. Don't be afraid to take advantage of what adventures await you in this beautiful country and in this beautiful world. Live your life and be curious like me! Don't be afraid of what's around the corner or what you will see when you open that door of opportunity.

"2016 will be a year that will get all of Japan pumped up, with the Olympics and many other great things that will captivate the world. Let's team up and make this great country the best country on Earth. Because when all is said and done: we are all curious! Thank you, may God bless you, and may God bless Japan!"

Yukinoshita was unavailable for comment. In Tiara classfication results, Chiyo Sakura hammered Kurisu Makise 5563-4408 to finish third, Yoshino stormed past Saber 5414-4145 for fifth place, Nanami Aoyama cruised past Yui Yuigahama 4931-4002 for seventh, Asuna Yuuki slashed past Kosaki Onodera 5882-4324 for ninth place, Shiro defeated Eucliwood Hellscythe 5092-4780 for 11th place, and Jibril flew past Ayase Aragaki 5320-4072 for 13th place.

In Male Division scepter action, Accelerator accelerated past Edward Elric 5560-4249, Archer prevailed over Yuzuru Otonashi 4987-4863, Koyomi Araragi stunned Hachiman Hikigaya 5387-4727 and Sora slammed Seiya Kanie 5299-4545.

Mitsuki Nase and Sakuraku Kujou will duel for the Fall Diadem. Nase defeated Tsubasa Hanekawa 4880-4731 while Kujou smashed Kuon 4796-3704. Finally, Yui-nyan takes the Divine Circlet after defeating Latifa Fleuranza 5181-4886.

BoBA Predicts: Mitsuki Nase by <=500
Over/Under: 10000

Match Day 10 of the 2015 International Saimoe League Postseason is scheduled for December 3, 2015. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate. This match day will include the Tournament of Champions Semifinals. The winner of the Tournament of Champions will succeed Kotori Itsuka as Saimoe Leader of the Free World.