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Fire And Ice

The Aftermath Of The January 2016 Play To Win Campaign

I wasn't too thrilled with what little I won from the January 2016 Play To Win campaign on Pangya Global. Across both accounts, I went 8/40 on rares won from Lucky Pouches and Premium Memorial Coins. On my main account, I went winless on the Pouches but went 5/10 on the Premium Memorial Coins, with the highlight get being the Ruby Air Knight Set, which has now been ranked up to a A-rank Level 5 (it started as an A-Rank Level 3) with impressive control, accuracy, curve and spin. Meanwhile, on my alt account, it went 2/10 on the pounches and 1/10 on the Premiums, the highlight being a Parasol Club Set.

But with my main account earning most of the gets, I focused on that. First, as a result of a new club set arriving, I had to shuffle some cards around. The Spika SC card was eventually moved over to my Lucia, and the two Titan Cham (N) cards were split among Madoka (Classic Hana) and Hana R. Madoka ended up with the Spika SR card as a replacement, and my Hana R ended up with two Hana SR cards and a Lucia SR to bump up the curve stat.

All of my Pang Mastery that I earned from the Lucky Sets and Premium Memorial Coins were burned up to improve the stats of the Ruby Air Knights but I have now some more characters that need upgrading. The only thing that I didn't take care off was the glut of spinning cubes received; that's because my Papel Box wouldn't arrive until the next server reset. However, I am not anticipating a jackpot get from the cubes despite seeing notices of people winning jackpots left and right while I exhausted my GP tickets.

As I have said before, I don't need Black Papel other than having a new caddie to train. My alt account is currently busy with handling three other caddies that were acquired through points. Tiki on my alt is now fully trained, and Quma is now next. He won't reach Level 4 until next month, and after that, I will go to training Lolo, and after that, Mingti. That will take the span of about three or four months, unless I acquire a second computer so I can go back to doing VS. matches with my two accounts, like I did months ago.

But it would be nice to get Black Papel because to me, that is a sign that I have established myself as a user on the Global server. At Top Master E rank, this is overdue. I would love to get Black Papel from the batch of cubes at midnight tonight. I won't expect it, but if I get it, it will be my caddie for a while.

Anyway, now I have three A-rank clubs. I am waiting for a massive injection of cash coming in next month so that I can get rid of a huge chunk of club mastery from my Miracle Voice Club Set and perhaps send that to my Club Set of Wisdom so that it can finally reach S-rank. The Spika Voice Club Set will be next, and then the Ruby Air Knight will be next. How about that. Five S-rank clubs in my main account, possibly by year's end. Another two achievements out of the way.

Going back to the Lucky Sets, I ended up recycling a lot of comets and active items that I don't really need. I salvaged the Pang Mastery, Power Potions, Time Boosters and Auto Calipers. I have enough Power Potions to wrap up the achivements for that but I need to play games. But I ended up respawning my Auto Calipers and now I can do some more beaming, even though I already cleared the final Beam Shot Master achievement days ago.

Mutsuki from Kantai Winning Putt.

Oh yes, one more thing, a new golf game has now been released and is currently on open beta. Winning Putt is a game by Bandai Namco and has great graphics and has potential to be a good golf MMO. However, it needs some modes of play that are established in Pangya, with one of them being a one-player tournament mode similar to Grand Prix where the player takes on the opponent AI on the maps available in game and can also face that and other players. Thus, if a player decides to play alone, he or she can still get experience, Gold and Platinum for every hole cleared and of course, higher difficulty yields better rewards.

Kisaragi from Kantai Winning Putt.

In a game with potential like Winning Putt, you want to have more options available for the player to use so that he or she can master the skills in grinding for rewards and so forth. So it has promise, but I won't be rushing to return to that game until I get my second computer. Also, on that game, I am playing as Mutsuki and Kisaragi from Kantai Collection. Okay, so they aren't that close to how they look like in the anime but considering that they are Japanese, I decided to make it look natural and realistic. Mutsuki with the short hair, Kisaragi with the long know what I mean.