Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Robbie Keane Loves L.A.

LOS ANGELES – Robbie Keane is vocal about his love for his native Ireland, but the LA Galaxy captain has found a second home during his nearly five years in Major League Soccer.

Downtown Los Angeles.

The Irish striker has called DTLA home since he moved to the Galaxy from Tottenham Hotspur back in 2011. Keane, his wife Claudine and his two young children feel right at home amongst the lofts and famous dining establishments in the city’s new hub.

According to the Keane, establishing a connection with the city center is not only important for himself, but the Galaxy as a whole.

“Every cool team if you like. They usually have something going on downtown,” Keane said. “If you look at the players that we’ve brought into this team, people call us the ‘Galaticos.’ It’s certainly given us a street look, but the most important thing is producing on the field.”

For a player who has spent much of his career in some of the most cosmopolitan locales around Europe, the wide range of food options, is one of the main reasons Keane loves DTLA.

“I like the atmosphere in Downtown; there’s a lot of people always walking around. It’s like a little mini-New York,” Keane told LA Galaxy Insider. “I like the atmosphere because, in Europe, a lot of people don’t eat out as much as they do in LA. Every restaurant is always busy and has a great atmosphere.

“You can’t really get that in Ireland except perhaps only on the weekend. I like that vibe. You can go on a Monday night when it’s dead, and it’s always a good atmosphere, and the food is always here.”

The Keanes have plenty of haunts around DTLA, but here are Keano’s top five favorite restaurants in Los Angeles:

WP24 by Wolfgang Puck

    Keane: “It has a great view overlooking the city.”


    Keane: “It has a nice view as well and is perfect before a Lakers or Kings game.”


    Keane: "Bottega Louie always has a nice vibe.”


    Keane: “Good atmosphere in the Arts District.”


    Keane: "Great spot by STAPLES Center."

Is there a particular commonality between all five spots?

A “good vibe” says the Galaxy star.

“They’re all different in terms of the food. They have a nice atmosphere. Some have great views, and some don’t,” Keane said. “They’re all different in many ways, but they all have a great vibe that I like being around.”
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