Finally, I Have Captured The Chicken!

Though this wasn't among my priority wants among Memorial Gacha, I ended up capturing the elemental mascot Ember on a random Memorial Premium Coin off Scratchy Cards after going 1/15 on another Premium batch (the rare won was Kooh's Fairy Tale set). Ember resembles a floating chicken so it is fair to say that I have captured the chicken in Pangya, and I love fried chicken. Ember is essentially a cross of WT-PEP/Sporty Pippin plus the default Mascot Bonus plus Cadie SC. Throw in the Cadie SR card equipped on Classic Hana's bonus caddie slot to go with the animal ring, and hitting Pangya becomes more straightforward. That's the power of the chicken.

I ended up ranking up a few clubs, unlocked about 10 more achievements over a week across both my accounts and on my main, I am now sitting at 9430 Achievement Points. Oh yes, and on two Premium batches prior to the 1/15 I went 7/20. So there is some game balance among the Premium Coins, but the fact that the Super Rares I wanted didn't drop and Black Papel didn't drop after 5,000 spinning cubes opened leaves me wondering.

I also got to work on clearing some club recovery point achievements, which I didn't get to work on for months. When my next paycheck from Azteca Soccer arrives, I expect that it will go towards my next move to rank up another club set to S-rank. Spika's Voice Club set has been in A-5 limbo for months and I believe it's about time I got her signature clubs to S-rank, or Spika rank, if you will. This way I can focus my next S-rank efforts to my Ruby Air Knight Set, which is on 11,000 club mastery but may go down to accomodate getting the Spika clubs to S-rank.

I am completely mystified by two things this weekend: going 1/15 on Premium Memorial Coins and Jurgen Klinsmann's handling of the game plan for the USMNT against Guatemala away. The premium rates should not be nerfed, period. That's the Normal/Special Coins' responsibility. It is astounding how for a high batch of Premium Coins, the drop rate is abysmal. Complaints regarding this game are warranted, but for me, I have to accept it because on my Dolfini's Locker, I have 67 pages of rares. I have to sell items from my locker only if I am in desperate need of pang to upgrade my clubs or otherwise improve stats. I am also short of Abbot Crystals. I had to spam Abbot Mine a few times just to get the 25 I need to secure a Card Remover that would allow the impact zone of Madoka (a.k.a. Classic Hana) to be bigger.

Secondly, we haven't lost to Guatemala in decades, so if this result is repeated, Jurgen Klinsmann should be sacked immediately. It's not easy being a manager of a team representing a sports-proud nation like the United States. The ramifications of being eliminated early in World Cup Qualification can have long-term effects regarding the game's future. I don't miss coaches who don't do a good job managing the teams I care about. That's my schtick.

In any case, I have captured the chicken.