I Decided To Make A Big Sacrifice Today Ahead Of A Big Journey.

I have to decided to say so long to Pangya until September. After doing a run which saw very little yield in terms of Gacha rares, the choice was made by me to leave the game, uninstall the client, and forward the money from my work to my trip to Vancouver. It's a long-awaited trip, and a trip that I have chased for months but now, I am ready to finally work towards this journey to Canada.

To me, Canada is a very, very wonderful place. It's got knowledgeable people, the food is supposed to be pretty good, poutine is everywhere, and finding a Tim Horton's is not that difficult. I've decided to start my spending on the first phase, and that is transportation. In the past, I took the Crucero and the Greyhound to visit Hayward and the Bay Area, and I took those buses to go to San Diego. This time, with the Coast Starlight being too expensive for my taste, I have chosen to go Greyhound again, Economy class, round trip to Vancouver.

Because of this, spending on Anime Expo will have to be in the diminutive. If I need to spend anything, it has to only be on food. I don't need to get Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie via plushies. I don't need to buy shirts or other plushies, especially if there is no plushie of Fubuki from Kancolle. I already have Akagi anyway, she's a sweetie pie. I still have to do my work for AX and the Access Control department. If I become selected as a Ranger, I'll do my work cause I already have one year of experience down.

I also have to renew my Flickr membership. More money that has to be channeled away. I am very dependent on my performance with The Stoppage Time. I need to publish my articles constantly and consistently so that I meet the salary requirement. There will be times where I just focus on my writing, where I focus on my nonprofit work, where I focus on my sister's work, stuff like that. With Pangya not taking away my money until September, my funds are now freed up to finance this trip.

I am excited about getting my travel plans started. I don't need to be a big spender, I just need a ride and a place to stay when it comes to visiting Canada for what will be the first time in my life. I need to do this now, because next year, I expect to have to make payments on my college loans that are being consolidated. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I want to make this visit something I will never forget. I just hope my mom, my dad, my sister, and everyone I know understands my decision to commit to this trip.

So I decided to make a big sacrifice today ahead of a big journey. I may have to make some more in the future. In fact, the Christmas bonus check at the Bar Foundation, assuming I am still on the books there by then, will go to my parents, all of it, to make up for all the grocery runs I couldn't do in April, May, June, July and August for them. This is how much I am hedging everything towards this visit, and I will do my best to get this done.