ISML 2016: Madoka Shocks The World, But Comes Up Short

ISML 2016: Madoka Shocks The World, But Comes Up Short

By JR Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
July 23, 2016

When it comes to proving people wrong, no one does it better than Madoka Kaname. A one-time Saimoe Prime Minister of Japan, the concept of hope and the dedicated partner of Homura Akemi delivered a shocking Upset of the Round after Match Day 6 in the 2016 International Saimoe League Aquamarine Period. She defeated Iroha Isshiki 1371-1344, defying the expectations set by the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue and finishing a respectable third. Despite the victory, a huge difference is vote differential means that Isshiki advance to the next round alongside Shirayuki, who defeated Urara Shiraishi 1338-1075.

"I was not sure that I would be able to top the group but to back my way into advancing and finish first after losing is against my precepts," said Isshiki. "I want to move on a winner, not finish first after a loss. Because of this, I am going to head into the next round with a clear conscience and with no set expectations.

"It is not fair that Madoka defeated me and yet she did not advance. I believe there has to be a change to the way this competition is run and return to the format from 2015. This format gave my opponent her first real regular season matches but I felt that she should have gone through in my place.

"At the same time, I also am disappointed with my performance in this match. I see myself as someone that can become consistent and I should have swept my own group. This is a flawed system and I unfortunately benefited from this. I can only hope that I can make up for it by making a deep Tiara run."

In other Female Division results, Shirayuki defeated Urara Shiraishi 1338-1075, Taiga Aisaka roared past Nagisa Furukawa 1445-1153, Kuroko Shirai defeated Kurousagi 1359-1257, Chiyo Sakura routed Kotori Minami 1771-903, Rize Tedeza stormed past Nagi Sanzen'in 1434-1015, Maki Nishikino rolled past Ayase Aragaki 1843-894 and Erina Nakiri delivered a 1586-1005 hammering on Nozomi Toujou.

When asked of Isshiki's remarks, Tedeza took a dim view of it.

"I clearly do not agree with the notion that the system is unfair," said Tedeza. "I am one of a few lucky faces to swept my group and I had never been a prime player in this competition until now. In fact, my party, the Gochiusa Party, has been severely underrespected, and there have been too many veterans that have had a stranglehold on this competition.

"You look at people like Shirayuki, Shinoa (Hiiragi), Mitsuki (Nase) Iroha, Yuudachi...these are opponents I have respect for that have the potential to be longtime veterans in this tournament. There are a number of faces that have been in this circuit that have fallen out of favor because the voters I talk to want change. They want new faces. Ayase has been doing this for years and she lost to Maki. You can't call that an upset because she is the head of the Love Live Party and is their strongest candidate so she has leverage.

"While I understand Iroha's choice of words, the fact is, Madoka has been in this Saimoe circuit too long and her loss to Shirayuki means that her time is nearly up as well. We'll see what happens in the other groups, and I am personally looking forward to seeing how Chino-chan does, but the voters want new people headlining this competition. You look at a number of faces in the Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall diadem competitions to come. They are the next ones to follow us and challenge us. Saimoe is changing."

In the Male Division, Saitama defeated Bell Cranel 1088-837, Shintarou Kisaragi whipped past Yashiro Isana 1389-810, Rintarou Okabe prevailed over Ryuunosuke Akasaka 1010-976, Yukine demolished Leonardo Watch 987-669, Tomoya Okazaki leveled Zen Wistalia 1030-784, Ayato Amagiri cruised past Ichimatsu Matsuno 1120-834, Ken Kaneki scored a rare win over Kousei Arima 1504-969 and Iskandar thumped Youji Itami 943-747.

"I feel bad for Nagisa, my wife," said Okazaki, "because she never stood a chance against the newer opposition in this competition. She's one of the older faces and had this Male Division been created years ago, I would have met a similar fate. So, in a massive irony, I may be the only one holding the fort for Clannad. You can make up your mind as to what that means. In the meantime, I want to congratulate everyone that finished top two in their respective groups."

Finally, in Winter Diadem action, Mary defeated Saya Endo 1298-785 and Mai Kawakami, a favorite to win the Winter Diadem for Musaigen no Phantom World, got off to a flier in hammering Chie Satonaka 1579-519.

In this edition of the International Saimoe League, there are no necklace matches after a round-robin period ends. We go straight to the next period. Match Day 1 of the 2016 International Saimoe League Topaz Period is scheduled for Monday, July 25, 2016. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate. And keep it right here oN The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue for ongoing coverage of the 2016 International Saimoe League, the world's premier anime character competition.

Aquamarine Day 6 Standings

Group Female 04

1Victorique de Blois9.00003004548282517233.934
2Nase Mitsuki6.82912104135286412713.544
3Louise Vallière3.663012024684975-25072.154
4Mikasa Ackerman2.624203032633750-4872.814

Group Female 05

1Isshiki Iroha6.98032104430299114393.905
3Kaname Madoka6.506321035244329-8053.115
4Shiraishi Urara2.150703028904191-13012.555

Group Female 09

1Shiina Mashiro9.00003006135196541705.269
2Hiiragi Shinoa6.3076210441037496613.779
3Misaki Mei4.090812032944277-9832.869
4Hiiragi Kagami1.202403021786026-38481.909

Group Female 16

1Shirai Kuroko9.0000300414234666763.6516
3Aisaka Taiga4.193012034714612-11413.0616
4Furukawa Nagisa2.366603031744040-8662.8016

Group Female 20

2Kirisaki Chitoge6.419421036184307-6893.1520
3Sawamura Spencer Eriri4.655812036004095-4953.1020
4Otosaka Ayumi4.419312034964245-7492.9920

Group Female 21

1Tedeza Rize9.0000300401234405723.5421
2Sakura Chiyo6.90612105058277022884.4521
3Minami Kotori4.493412035063701-1953.0921
4Sanzen'in Nagi1.458003022344899-26651.9721

Group Female 28

1Sengoku Nadeko9.00003004763280019634.1028
2Miyazono Kaori6.409921036854400-7153.1828
3Suzumiya Haruhi4.224012032344154-9202.8028
4Tōdō Kirin2.750703035193847-3283.0228

Group Female 29

1Nishikino Maki9.00003004322302712953.8129
2Aragaki Ayase6.48512104542339911434.0029
3Nakiri Erina4.283612034194175-7563.0229
4Tōjō Nozomi1.932703028614543-16822.5229

Group Male 04

2Kisaragi Shintarō6.9065210363928987413.214
3Bell Cranel4.539612028333292-4592.494
4Isana Yashiro2.509403029653625-6602.614

Group Male 05

1Kanbara Akihito6.9396210354228397033.045
2Sakata Gintoki6.9009210382029428783.305
3Natsume Kyōsuke6.629521029483268-3202.535
4Nishinoya Yū1.964003022793540-12611.955

Group Male 09

1Okabe Rintarō9.0000300335927266332.969
2Akasaka Ryūnosuke6.9663210325928773822.879
4Leonardo Watch2.099703023853410-10252.109

Group Male 16

2Doma Taihei6.6142210362029316893.0816
3Hijikata Tōshirō4.646912029303176-2462.5316
4Monkey D. Luffy1.838903022633966-17031.9616

Group Male 19

1Okazaki Tomoya9.0000300343425378973.0219
2Zen Wistalia6.7612210306728042632.7019
3Amagiri Ayato4.486412028513199-3482.5219
4Matsuno Ichimatsu2.344403026303442-8122.3219

Group Male 22

1Itsuka Shidō9.00003004338244118973.7522
2Ainz Ooal Gown6.8056210350129855162.9922
3Kida Masaomi4.8963120326931531162.8222
4Kise Ryōta1.605703023334862-25292.0122

Group Male 25

2Arima Kōsei6.6443210379232335593.3425
3Kaneki Ken4.308512035244188-6643.1125
4Itami Yōji4.226212032413315-742.8425

Group Male 32

1Heiwajima Shizuo9.0000300335328245292.8832
3Kōsaka Kyōsuke4.834112032903276142.8432
4Kaizuka Inaho2.266303026603527-8672.2932