One Fine Day?

I want to believe that Pangya Global's time is not up. But the old saying rings true: all good things must come to an end. I recently heard the news that Pangya Korea's server will be closing down in late August, on approximately the Chuseok holiday. But what is not clear is whether or not Global's server will have to change hands or if it will also be shut down as well.

At the time of this live blog, I am convinced that the admins at Smilegate West already got the news from Smilegate Megaport that the Korea server is closing down. Knowing that the players on Global don't want the server to close, he/she is negotiating with GMO, the owners of the Japan server, to come up with an agreement to save the Global server and keep it running. Details and fine print are being ironed out, I would imagine, and something official will be coming in the days ahead.

As a Pangyateer of three years with two accounts, it would be terrible timing to have the Global server shut down. These three years of playing the world's best online golf game have been fun, and I believe that Japan owning Global will allow its content to arrive to an audience hungry for new stuff.

It's definitely a sad day for golfers in Korea, I would imagine. Pangya Korea is where it all started. Alternately, I am a believer in rebirth, and even if Pangya Korea gets shut down, if Pangya Japan is robust and strong in its aims, it will find a way to revive the Korea server some time down the road. As for Thailand, they are not affected either, they will keep going.

Before I received this news, I had knocked down a few achievements, won some new rare items, got a couple of club sets ranked up. I had to come back to the game because of the surrealness of real world events taking shape. I did not think that the bad news would carry over into Pangya. Boy. You talk about changes coming in my life, and this is one of them. I am hopeful that Global's future is safe and that GMO takes over and keeps the server alive.

However, I am ready to see it off if Pangya Global cannot be saved. Steve Jablonsky, send help.