ISML 2016: Emerald And Ruby Prizes Won By Big Names

ISML 2016: Emerald And Ruby Prizes Won By Big Names

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
October 18, 2016

The Necklace Matches for the 2016 International Saimoe League Emerald and Ruby Periods are history. First off, Rin Tosaka, listed by the Bedlam as a 2-1 second choice, has won the Emerald Necklace with 701 votes (17.83%). Kurumi Tokisaki was second with 689 votes (17.53%) while Shiro was third with 550 votes (13.99%). Rounding out the order were Nanami Aoyama (540 votes, 13.74%), Illyasviel von Einzbern (472 votes, 12.01%), Ayase Aragaki (357 votes, 9.08%), Komachi Hikigaya (353 votes, 8.98%) and Jibril (269 votes, 6.84%).

Favored Yuzuru Otonashi won the Emerald Pendant with 664 votes (17.46%). Touma Kamijou and Saitama were in a tie for second with 571 votes (15.02%). Rounding out the order were Izayoi Sakamakiu (429 votes, 11.28%), Souma Yukihira and Gilgamesh in a tie for fifth (417 votes, 10.97%), Edward Elric (410 votes, 10.78%), and Yato (323 (323 votes, 8.5%).

Listed as a 10-1 longshot, Saber delivered the Upset of thr Round, winning the Ruby Necklace with 762 votes (19.31%). Favorite Kurisu Makise finished second with 686 votes (17.38%) while Asuna Yuuki finished third (544 votes, 13.78%). Rounding out the order were Chino Kafuu (526 votes, 13.33%), Yui Yuigahama (492 votes, 12.47%), Iroha Isshiki (375 votes, 9.5%), Isala (348 votes, 8.82%) and Shino Asada (214 votes, 5.42%).

Another favorite, Archer, won the Ruby Pendant with 641 votes (17.02%). Rintarou Okabe was second with 552 votes (14.65%) while Nagisa Shiota was third with 474 votes (12.58%). Rounting out the order in a closely contested race were Keima Katsuragi (465 votes, 12.34%), Kyon (12.26%), Yuu Otosaka (460 votes, 12.21%), Ryuuji Takasu (357 votes, 9.48%) and Iskandar (9.45%).

Mikoto Misaka, projected to finish second in the Tournament of Champions seeding, will go into the showcase event as the top seed with 877 votes (22.47%), beating No. 2 seed Kanade Tachibana, who earned 867 votes (22.21%) in the closest race of the round. In a surprise similar to Saitama's performance, Eru Chitanda, the incumbent Saimoe Prime Minister whose term will conclude after this season as current ISML Heavenly Tiara holder, will be the No. 3 seed with 580 votes (14.86%). Ruri Gokou will be the No. 4 seed with 428 votes (10.97%), Kotori Itsuka will be the No. 5 seed (380 votes, 9.74%), Mio Akiyama will be the No. 6 seed (342 votes, 8.76%), Fate Testarossa will be the No. 7 seed (224 votes, 5.74%) and Himagiku Katsura will be the No. 8 seed (205 votes, 5.25%).

Riki Naoe won the lone exhibition of the round, finishing first with 516 votes (15.8%), defeating Gray Fullbuster and Hiroomi Nase, who both finished in a tie for second with 475 votes (14.54%). Rounding out the order were Guts (442 votes, 13.53%), Alibaba Saluja (414 votes, 12.68%), Kurou Yatogami (410 votes, 12.55%), Kurapika (356 votes, 10.9%), and Rin Matsuoka (178 votes, 5.45%).

The race for the Tiara is winding down here in the 2016 International Saimoe League. Up next is the ISML Diamond Period, and match day 1 is scheduled for Monday, October 24, 2016. Vote for your favorites at and join the ongoing debate. And be sure to keep it right here on The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue for continuing coverage of the International Saimoe League, the world's premier anime character competition.