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ISML 2016: Shana Elected Saimoe Prime Minister

ISML 2016: Shana Elected Saimoe Prime Minister
Sora Defeats Incumbent Hachiman Hikigaya To Become Deputy Saimoe PM

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
December 1, 2016

Finally, it is Shana's year. In a year in which Donald John Trump was elected to the White House, Yuuji Sakai's esteemed wife finally broke through the lack of respect bestowed on her through the years, defeating Illyasviel von Einzbern 3240-1860, a landslide victory that gives her the ISML Heavenly Tiara and the role of Saimoe Prime Minister of Japan, succeeding Eru Chitanda, for the year 2017. Shana was in tears at the Victory Ceremony in Tokyo, as she addressed the crowd, the message of patience was important in being a leader for others to follow. In the background, the campaign anthem, "Don't You Need Somebody" by RedOne, played.

"I learned that humility and graciousness can come a long way because the time will come when you will not need to wait, and it will be your turn to be a beacon of hope for the world," Shana said, holding back tears of joy before a crowd of over 9,000 at Tokyo Big Sight. "To everyone who has supported me, my husband Yuuji, my good friend Kazumi, and to all of you voters who determined that this is my year to show you what I can do to make Saimoe great again, thank you. I also dedicated this victory to the lives lost in Colombia. Chapecoense, I dedicate this victory and my career as a moekko to you and to those falling from above, I met you all in a dream, and you all wonderful brave men of character. I will live my life for you, for your families, for your country, for our world. I ask for your divine guidance and assistance in helping me do my job here on Earth.

"To everyone, I will do my best to work with Yuuji, Sora, Shiro, Stephanie, Aoba, Chitose, Megumin, Rem, Mikan, Eru, Mio, and everyone else who I will call upon to make next year a great year for the Saimoe movement. We are all on the same team. We know what we have to do to win your trust. I waited too long to finally get my chance. But now that I am here to serve you and the interests of our Diet, our Imperial Household, the Japanese anime and manga industry, we will hit the ground running. We will travel all over the world, at gatherings, conventions, meetings promoting our message. We will use the power of sports and gaming to encourage nonviolent means of addressing conflicts and disagreements of all shapes and forms. We will promote the right for anyone to love who they want without paying the price. And we will listen to you in how we can do our job better being people you can stand by, in whatever way or form you want.

"I would like to thank you all for your support. I love you all, and I will treasure this moment for me to finally serve you, the people of Japan, and the world as your Saimoe Prime Minister. Together, We Can Make Saimoe Great Again. God bless you, God bless the world, and may God Bless Japan! Let's do this! Thank you, everyone!"

Sora defeated incumbent Deputy Saimoe Prime Minister Hachiman Hikigaya 2120-2087, a thriller that landed him the ISML Scepter and the role of Deputy Saimoe PM, as well as a right-hand man to Shana. He will promote the use of nonviolent competition, including games, e-sports and sports, as a way to promote self-improvement, peace, teamwork, fair play and "a fulfilment of the mind, body, and soul," as specified in his victory address to the citizens of Elchia. It is expected that Shiro, Stephanie Dola and Sakai will be a part of Shana's Cabinet next year. All will be sworn in on New Year's Eve 2016 in Tokyo, hours before midnight.

Megumin and Rem will also be part of Shana's Saimoe Cabinet as winners of the ISML Winter and Spring Diadems. Joining the team will be Aoba Suzukaze and Chitose Karasuma. Suzukaze defeated Hifumi Takimoto 1709-1405 to win the Summer Diadem, while Karasuma rolled past Ai-chan 1729-1565 to win the Fall Diadem. Also joining the Cabinet as ministers are Eru Chitanda, Mio Akiyama and Mikan Yuuki. Chitanda and Akiyama will be joint Chiefs of Staff after battling to a 2021-2021 draw. Mikan Yuuki will be a deputy advisor after winning the Divine Circlet, 2057-1885 over Eriri Sawamura Spencer.

In Consolation action, Kurisu Makise scored the Upset of the Round, a 2219-2146 scalp of Yukino Yukinoshita, Rin Tosaka whipped past Mashiro Shiina 2465-2191, Saber slashed past Kurumi Tokisaki 2360-2078, Iroha Isshiki drubbed Nanami Aoyama 2107-1977, Nao Tomori kicked Asuna Yuuki 2330-2128, and Shiro leveled Kurumi Tokisaki 2360-2078.

Yuzuru Otonashi, who is also expected to be a part of the Saimoe Cabinet to provide gender balance, slammed Kyon 2126-1833, Kiritsugu Emiya scored the closest race of the round, a 1933-1926 nailbiter over Archer, Rintarou Okabe trounced Ryuuji Takasu 2107-1953, Edward Elric clobbered Koyomi Araragi 2003-1795, Saitama punched Touma Kamijou 2152-1912 and Korosensei dismantled Izayoi Sakamaki 1975-1827.

The 2016 International Saimoe League season has concluded. Keep it right here on The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue for coverage of the 2017 International Saimoe League, the world's premier anime character competition.

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