Sunday, December 25, 2016

Your Shipment Has Arrived, Bedlam Master.

Ah, the immense pleasure of being one with the game of Pangya and a community of people who love anime and gaming. After being out of the Pangya rush for more than a month, I have found relief in the Pangya Celebrity server, grinding for a week and moving up from Rookie F to Amateur A before choosing to settle for a bit. I bought back all my furniture, got a nice slot and background that will last a year, have eight cool club sets to my collection, unlocked all the characters, bought all the Vocaloid Sets, won the Cadie (SC) card six times, and spent about two million pang.

Oh, and now I am a Pangya Celebrity VIP, so now I feel like I am in Beverly Hills or something. Or rather, because I am spending so much on clothes and clubs and improving the stats of my characters, I ended up running out of pang every now and then. But I have found my piece of mind playing as Rin Kagamine, who is aligned with Hana. HanaRin is the workhorse. She will always get good stats as I use her more than other characters, as with Global.

Some sense of normalcy is back, although it would be nice to make this a Fresh Up server, allowing for improved club and character stats and so on. I won't return to my past level for a while because I still have to clear a few more tiers but I will get there some time next year, perhaps in the summer. I unlocked a lot of new clothes but I would like to unlock some more clothes and clubs. Hopefully they will rotate in the Bakemonogatari and Negima sets for the golfers coming in from Global this month. Of course, if they can get the Madoka Magica contest, that would be even better.

A lot of famous people have gone this year. Lots of famous entertainers never got to make it past this year. So many famous people dying this year. It's been a tough year for the entertainment industry but it needs to pick itself back up and make it business as usual. I am looking forward to my new laptop arriving this week. I have to get it up to my standards, include some word processing software, fonts, etc.

But to sum it all up, it's great to have Pangya back, and to not have to spend so much, if any, to play this game is always a bonus.

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