Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Alt Account On Pangya Takes The Piss

So I had a fun conversation with this one user on Pangya named Maztrysum while selling a fragment of time. Some users on this game make a big deal over trivial things. Here are some excerpts from the chat which have been capped.

Here's why I find this conversation to be absolutely hilarious.
1. He's talking to my alternate account. Not my main account. You're essentially chatting with a puppet. Of course he doesn't know this yet but I look forward to him finding it out.
2. This alleged spamming of buying/selling items happens all the time. It's common. To voice any faux outrage is unfounded and should be dismissed.
3. I do tell him my age in real life but he chooses to not believe me, saying that I am five years old. It is clear that his definition of a five-year old is extremely skewed and deliberately inaccurate. Not my problem.
4. He calls me a homophobic slur. Absolutely reportable offense as per the Super Genius Games Terms of Use. A massive 1:1 has been filed, so I would like to see what the Game Master does here on Monday.
5. English is not his first language. Mic drop.
6. He professes his hate towards me openly. That means I have been on this game quite a lot and I have made it. And this is my alt account he is despising! What will he think when he goes after my main account? There Will Be Haters. By the way, I return feelings for anyone, anywhere, anytime, whether in game or not.  So if he hates me, it's returned.
7. It's a Spring Fragment of Time. Not Fall or Winter. Spring and Summer Fragments are more expensive. This guy must be new to how the market works in game. Again, not my problem.

As you can see, I do welcome people taking shots at me, as long as it's clean and it's not deliberate harassment. I really wish the TOU at Gamerage did not exist, this way, I'll allow his choice words, but they exist and action had to be taken. People on this game make big deals over nothing and conduct does put these people at risk of being in poor standing. Humanity issue. Humanity has declined. Other than that, I completed the Play to Win Event and may get some decent rares from the pouches and Premium Memorial Coins this Wednesday.