Tuesday, November 01, 2016

In Loving Memory Of Pangya Global: 2005-2016

The first thing I will take out of this: Winning Putt will now be my golf game of choice as a result of this news. Secondly: my money that I could have used to recharge will now be moved to other things, such as buying a new laptop, peripherals, etc. Thirdly, all of the photos that I have uploaded to Flickr, my five Pangya Collections, are now immortalized. My last Memorial Shop item won will have now been a set of Black Platinum Gloves for Hana, now moved over to Hana R.

So I have been proven wrong: Pangya has officially chosen to close down after years of being the golf game of choice. I have been playing this game for a little over three years, since Canada Day 2013. So I have played this game for three years and four months and the game will be shutting down on the Global server on December 12, 2016. There were so many items I wanted to win on Gacha but never won. Black Papel will have remained elusive, permanently, as well as Sporty Pippin. And this closure is in line with other closures in the past, like Pangya Brazil, Pangya Southeast Asia, Pangya Philippines, Pangya GOA, etc.

I may not be as motivated to play online golf now, unless GMO steps in and opens a new Global server. I invested thousands of dollars on my two accounts and now that the server is closing, I now have a very low opinion of Ntreev, and they need to make GMO and everybody on the Japan team the new owners of the game. I liked playing as Madoka and I will have completed the game earning almost all of the possible rares from the collab, save for the Ultimate Madoka set.

I want to share some thoughts from the two player moderators that are signing off.

3 years ago, 3 individuals were selected to be player moderators for the game of Pangya.  These individuals were given the task to find ways to advance Pangya so that players can continue to have fun in a game where swinging a club at a miniature ball is all one does.

3 years later and we find ourselves at the last legs of a long journey.  As player moderators, we ask ourselves: Were there any remaining regrets we had with Pangya?  The answer to that is particularly long and difficult.  Nonetheless, this is an opportunity for us to finalize our roles and wrap up loose-ends regarding this game.

First, let us be clear: We have no regrets on the work we did accomplish these past 3 years.  Regardless of what players may think, we got a significant amount of activities successfully done in these last 3 years in an era of the game that was clearly in a declining, unrecoverable state.  With the Korean developers having long abandoned the game, it was a time where all servers had to fend for themselves using whatever resources were at each server’s disposal.  Fortunately, for Global, a tiny spec of resources remained available still and we made use of them to the best we could possible.  The end result were the additional updates and patches that were added for the game and while these updates were not always perfect, they represented chances - a chance that there was a turning point which would allow the game to pull it out of its hole.

That chance never came and that was where our regrets lie.  For the 3 years that we were player moderators, we devoted a heavy amount of time to researching Pangya’s deeper ends - how items, systems, and mechanics worked.  We placed many suggestions on the suggestions stack.  Just as when we felt we had a better understanding of the information to advance the game with more content, it was too late.  We did not anticipate a publisher change and we did not anticipate that Global’s new publisher would be lacking a programmer.  All the research information we had on hand was now worthless.

If we had the research information much earlier in time, we could have done more for the game.  Would it have changed the eventual outcome?  Probably not.  However, it would have at least made Pangya feel more “complete” as the game approached the last days.  In the end, this was our regret - that we were unable to do a number of things for Pangya still and will never be able to now.

These last 3 years have been a challenge for us as much as it has been a challenge for everyone in this community who have to had endure a game that even the original developers had abandoned.  We are grateful for those who stood by Pangya Global until the very end despite all that has happened.  We are grateful to have been part of a community which once flourished for a game that was praised as the “best fantasy golf game”.  Though we did not do our moderator roles perfectly, we are thankful for the players who have worked with us, helped us, and supported us throughout these years.

This is the last chapter of Pangya Global.  No matter where you will be after this, we hope you will continue to remember the times you had here on Pangya Island.

--- From the Pangya Player Moderators

I'm a player for 10 years (started off in PYSEA-A18-here). I feel the same way as most of you guys do.  Yes, we had the same thoughts as you do constantly.The mods tried but I'd say I didn't try my very best. There were countless of dead ends and frustrations. After knowing how things were working at that end, I've just become less motivated. Most of the things we wanted were just not doable anymore. Nevertheless, we had seen some new recipes being available in Cadie's Cauldron, change in Gacha/Papel/Scratchy until they couldn't. We tried to give out something new within the means even if there weren't major playing events or new items. And then suddenly, it all seems a little too late when we had planned out for the rest of the year, it couldn't be done anymore. That was some time ago already. There's actually so much more I have to say but I'll just keep it within this post.

I've had fun with the community in-game but it is time to say good bye. Take care everyone five 
Thank you Pangya [English] for everything.  

--- noobcat, Pangya Player Moderator

Throughout the 7 years I have been a Pangya player, I have contributed much to this game, both in-game and on the website.  I have created a number of events that players have participated in, many of which have been successful.  The Pangya Wiki has turned from a dead asset to now one of the most widely used resource for Pangya not just for our server but for other servers as well, and not just for English-speaking players but for international languages too.  None of my contributions would have been worked without the assistance of the players of this community.  It is thanks to you that we were able to bring about many great things on this server.

I've met many great people on Pangya and I had fun playing games with all of you.  I wish all of you the best of luck on your journeys beyond Pangya Global.

--- TwinsLight, Pangya Player Moderator

I feel that Smilegate and Ntreev have failed to listen to their players and by choosing to close the Global server instead of handing it over to Japan, they have done a massive disservice to their base. It is the stubborness of this company, Ntreev, that could cause them to go bankrupt and close down forever. With this, Winning Putt now becomes the golf game of choice around the world and is now the people's game for online golf.

I am in no rush to resume grinding on Winning Putt once I get my second laptop. Dynasty simming now has some room and time, as well as fanfic writing. A large amount of my time and money that could have gone to playing Pangya or spending on the game has now been freed up as a result of this historic news that is in no way a positive.

So I officially leave Pangya Island with three-plus years of memories playing the game and zero regrets. I will now play Winning Putt on my two accounts some time in the future. To the Pangya community that has been reading my blog, thanks for stopping by but be sure to keep it here on The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue for more anime, sports and Saimoe news and other BoBA-relevant stuff.

Remember, at The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue, there's always something going on around here. 
Thank you, Pangya Team. 
Good luck and high five.

ISML 2016: Tricks, Treats And Close Races In Diamond 4

ISML 2016: Tricks, Treats And Close Races In Diamond 4

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam On Baltic Avenue
November 1, 2016

Match Day 4 of the 2016 International Saimoe League Diamond Period took place on Halloween, Oct. 31, 2016 and there were plenty of races that went down to the wire. In the Female Division, Rin Tosaka defeated Jibril 1517-1292, Yui-nyan rocked Shino Asada 1405-1349, Yukino Yukinoshita cruised past Yui Yuigahama 1470-1091, Eucliwood Hellscythe blew past Chino Kafuu 1340-1254, Shana torched Asuna Yuuki 1627-1228, Azusa Nakano romped past Chiyo Sakura 1357-1306, Kurumi Tokisaki shot down Nanami Aoyama 1523-1298 and Isla prevailed over Shinka Nibutani 1388-1279.

In the Male Division, Touma Kamijou broke Archer 1324-1262, Gilgamesh won a 1212-1193 barnburner over Karma Akabane, Ryuuji Takasu roared past Kyon 1338-1133, Nagisa Shiota scored the Upset of the Round and the closest race of the round and season, a 1235-1234 thriller over Shirou Emiya, Sora slammed Edward Elric 1495-1075, Tatsuya Shiba defeated Shidou Itsuka 1261-1091, Koyomi Araragi whipped past Izayoi Sakamaki 1264-1171 and Rentarou Satomi shot down Iskandar 1278-1152.

In Summer Diadem action, Aoba Suzukaze defeated Kyouko Kirigiri 1372-1143 and Maihime Tenkawa won a 1063-1046 nailbiter over Yumemi Hoshino.

Match Day 5 of the 2016 International Saimoe League Diamond Period is scheduled for Nov. 2, 2016. Vote for your favorite candidates at InternationalSaimoe.com and join the ongoing debate.