Sunday, November 20, 2016

Renegades of #VGOH.

With the win, LBCC finishes 9-2, SCFA National Central Division Co-Champions and winners of the Western State Bowl. A good, strong season that could have been marred by letting the occasion get to them. Too many penalties. A porous pass defense. A kickoff team that could not cover a kick return if their lives depended on it. And a near-replication of their efforts against Saddleback in letting the game get away. The players have to be like this year's East Mississippi CC team in being professional and sportsmanlike in their approach to games. Manage a lead, finish strong, no matter who is on the other side of the hashes. This could have been a heartbreaker, but the fans got what they paid for, including myself.

OTOH, it is a shame that Bakersfield's players chose not to shake hands and trudge out of the field. On these grounds alone I do hope LBCC make it a habit of beating Bakersfield the same way Saddleback is virtually invincible against us. The Gades will head into 2017 on a three-game losing streak and a November of futility and discontent. One has to wonder that given how far Bakersfield has dropped since 2012 if Jeff Chudy is also on his way out too. If I am among the boosters at Bakersfield, I would be of the opinion that the Renegades need a new coach and staff. Just like the song in my video response, "Planet Earth kept going through changes." Bakersfield could use a change to the direction of their football program right about now. For this team, it is certainly a down year.