Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Lent Can Suck My Dick Collection And I’ll Tell You Why.

Soapbox time.

I don’t do Lent. I don’t do religion. The Islamic State and their exploitation of young men who would be better off watching anime, playing Pangya, Overwatch, League and downloading shit from danbooru and pixiv…combined with the church scandals in the Catholic Church that have shocked the nation, rocked the world, and Sandusky’d my vision of what constitutes as religion with flags unfurled, rendering it to a precious cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure…have caused me to rethink my observation of Lent, since I was baptized into the Catholic faith kicking and screaming.

Today, during Lent, I eat a lot of meat, I watch a lot of porn, I indulge in a lot of dessert, and I consider sports and any anime series plastered on Megami and Nyantype to be my religion. Saimoe! That is my catchphrase! Girls! Women! Ass! Tits! Money! Girls! Sex! Yuri! Yaoi! did i mention girls! And boys. Sports! Sports! Sports! Anime and sports are my religion and I gorge on it during Lent because my view of what is considered to be religion is dimmer than dim sum. The corruptication of Islam by the Islamic State and their unfounded aversion to idolatry, which is at the center of the Saimoe movement, has caused me to disown the mainstream religions as relevant to my interests.

And anyone in the world that judges me negatively by my tastes for anime and sports has my blessing to back Donald Trump or any other equivalent. Examples include Prayut Chanocha, Park Geun-Hye, Rodrigo Duterte, Joko Widodo, Marine Le Pen (although she is an example of an exception because I consider her to be Joan of Arc), Ricky Pena Nieto, etc. Oh yes, and Maggie Thatcher.

So, with that said, enjoy your Lent. I’ll enjoy mine’s doing what people are supposedly told not to do during this period. Which, tbf, is what you exactly do during Easter anyway.

End soapbox.

Oppa bonga style.

Monday, February 27, 2017

89th Academy Awards Winners

Governors Awards

The Academy held its eighth annual Governors Awards ceremony on November 12, 2016, during which the following awards were presented:
Academy Honorary Awards