Sunday, June 11, 2017

BoBA Releases New Identifications!

When the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue first began its service back on June 11, 2005, its focus was on Arina Tanemura-related materials and writings. Since then, this blog has been known for covering the International Saimoe League, other anime character competitions, providing sports results and sport/anime collaborations, as well as providing other related stuff worthy of discussions such as games like Pangya. This blog of mine has been an extension of me for over a decade, and it has grown as I have grown.

Now, it takes the next bold step with a rebrand, an indicator of how far it has grown over the past 12 years, a new identification.

The Gill Sans Ultra Bold font has been retired from use once and for all. Neutraface, more specifically, Neutra Display Tilting, is the official font for the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue, with secondary fonts being Arquitecta and Lato. The iconic BoBA abbreviation is now embedded into a bigger B to go with the founding year of 2005. The large B is a tribute to the late DeviantART of Bongaboi which is now succeeded by the tumblr account of the same name and the identity of myself as a player on Pangya with the same name.

The official colors of this blog are Solid Pink, (#893843), Cherry Blossom Pink (#FFB7C5), Lust (#E62020) and Baby Powder (#FEFEFA). The desktop icon for this blog will also be changed to accomodate the rebrand.

A long and arduous process was made to finally establish a mascot for Year 13 of the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue. I settled on using a shipgirl as my main mascot and went with the remodeled version of Akatsuki. Ha Akabouzu's depictions of the lady of the Combined Fleet depicts the exact mindset.

For a girl whose human age when remodeled is exactly that of the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue at 12, this is remarkably mature and assertive and is not like that of her childish personality that is not the true Akatsuki I am familiar with. Renewed, with a purpose, the bringer of a new morning, a new start to a blog that is an outlet for my opinions to things that matter to me and to life and society. On these grounds, Akatsuki will be my main mascot, the face of the blog and the Tumblr satellite blog, who retires my previous mascot, Madoka Kaname, who has been in service for about six years.

A secondary mascot is also in place to round out the rebrand of this blog. Aoba Suzukaze is now my secondary mascot and will be used to promote any events on my Twitch channel and my social media presence. She will combine forces with Homura Akemi, my primary Twitch mascot, to promote any gaming events happening on my channel. The Twitch Channel is also receiving a rebrand. My Twitch Channel, HomuHomu2093 will have its own logo. Colors are Pomp and Power (#86608E), Eminence (#6C3082), Palatinate (#682860) and White (#FEFEFA).

Finally, in a nod to my support for Paris Saint-Germain, "Go West" by the Village People will be the official opening theme for all of my streams on Twitch outside of any streams I host, replacing the Warner Brothers intro music that had been my starting tune.

I thank you for your support and I hope you look forward to my work online. Here on my profile, "There's Always Something Going On Around Here," and "I Am The Gift That Keeps On Giving." Onward!

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