ISML 2017: Homura With A Huge Upset Of Mizuki, Subaru Stunned

ISML 2017: Homura With A Huge Upset Of Mizuki, Subaru Stunned

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
June 10, 2017

Mizuki Usami is one of the few new faces that, alongside Chitose Karasuma, has no business whatsoever being at the International Saimoe League. In one of the biggest upsets of the season, Homura Akemi delivered an 837-705 scalp has people wondering, is KonoBiju overrated? The answer: yes, it is, along Girlish Number, as both series' characters have underperformed at this tournament despite the hype in the seasonals last year. The result also reminds the voters that the Madoka Magica Party is still going strong after six years of being a force in saimoe.

Match Day 7 of the 2017 International Saimoe League is in the books. In the Female Division, Yoshino rolled past Tsubasa Hanekawa 1065-594, Rikka Takanashi defeated Kaori Miyazono 965-707, C.C. eased past Sakura Kinomoto 890-655, Kosaki Onodera cruised past Sakura Matou 973-658, Jibril flew past Nagisa Furukawa 1021-640, Utaha Kasumigaoka stopped Aoba Suzukaze run with a 910-679 statement victory and Hifumi Takimoto defeated Yuno Gasai 887-654.

Mashiro Shiina routed Misaki Shokuhou 1182-525, Nanami Aoyama rocked Azusa Nakano 904-780, Isuzu Sento drove past Miuna Shiodome 916-539, Emilia thumped Kyouko Kirigiri 1082-630, Ram rammed Yuki Nagato 943-794, Nico Yazawa torched Kotori Kanbe 921-582 and Megumin routed Yuuki Konno 1091-638.

In the Male Division, Umetarou Nozaki whipped past Soushi Miketsukami 789-461, Felix Argyle cruised past Youji Itami 931-512, Koyomi Araragi leveled Kousei Arima 871-558, Taihei Doma took down Ayato Amagiri 785-510, Yato stonewalled Kojou Akatsuki 885-457, Ryuuji Takasu roared past L Lawliet 855-634, Sadao Mao won the closest race of the round, a 756-736 thriller over Lancer and while Subaru Uchimaki did defeated Tobio Kageyama 731-424, it is more than offset by Mizuki's laughable performance against Homura, which makes Subaru's effort pyrrhic and wasted as a result.

Hachiman Hikigaya routed Ainz Ooal Gown 1086-435, Izayoi Sakamaki defeated Genos 874-646, Yuuji Kazami annihilated Yuri Plisetsky 809-271, Korosensei dominated 1030-492, Gilgamesh impaled Saika Totsuka 856-684, Arata Kaizaki crushed Ginko 721-375 and Yuzuru Otonashi shot down Satoru Fujinuma 1062-389.

In Winter Seasonal action, Satanichia McDowell Kurumizawa routed Akane Minagawa 1088-457 and Yunyun thumped Hikari Tanakashi 947-589. When asked of Mizuki's horrendous performance, Subaru spoke out.

"There are 837 people in the world who sicken me right now, being the lapdogs of a disgustingly creepy and underdressed gothic lesbian loli with ugly wings, a gaudy oversized ribbon, the mind of a slut and the chest of an airport," said Subaru in very strong rhetoric at a press conference in Tokyo. "It's 2017. Homura is supposed to be old news, and these sick lapdogs refuse to go with the times. It's horrible stuff, really. But to be fair, we could be worse, like Yuri on Ice, who characters are a complete insult to this competition and deserve to be eliminated, every single one of them. And don't get me started on the Karasuma twins. If the voters don't like them, they don't deserve to be here kappa."

Match Day 8 of the 2017 International Saimoe League Topaz Period is scheduled for June 12, 2017. Vote for your characters at and join the ongoing debate.