ISML 2017: A Huge Upset In the Spring Seasonal

ISML 2017: A Huge Upset In the Spring Seasonal
Chtholly Nota Seniorious Wins Spring Diadem, Izumi Sagiri Finishes Third

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
September 26, 2017

Match Day 6 of the 2017 International Saimoe League Emerald Period is in the books and we have a major upset in the Spring Diadem as Chthlolly Nota Seniorius has won the Spring Diadem in a 2146-1372 rout of Shouko Nishimiya. Izumi Sagiri finished third after a 1790-1133 victory over rival Elf Yamada.

"It is an honor to know that I kept the faith and did my part to secure Willem Kmetsch's happiness," said Chtholly from heaven. "I was told this news from a couple of fallen angels in Yuuki Konno and Inori Yuzuriha who have also been resurrected to be part of the International Saimoe League. The ISML exists to revive those who have been fallen in the name of battle and deeds that millions around the world remember. It is my honor that through Saimoe, my death is actually a beginning to a new existence in the realm of the living. I am back because of those who believed in me. I call on the world to keep my message alive so that I can show those who are in this competition that I am ready to be successfull and make you all proud. This was Willem's wish, and it is now up to me to fulfill it.

"I also salute Shouko Nishimiya and her powerful legacy in reaching out to those who are challenged by the inability to hear, to feel, to think, to see and know. I stand with Shouko today in keeping the faith and keeping hope alive. I look forward to meeting her at the 2018 International Saimoe League. It is my expectation that both of us, Izumi Sagiri and Elf Yamada, will be part of the best competition for men and women of our kind. Let's move forward. This victory is dedicated to you. Thank you."

In the Female Division, Asuna Yuuki slashed past Jibril 2120-1177, Rikka Takanashi rolled past Maki Nishikino 1663-1081, Sora Kasugano defeated Nanami Aoyama 1520-1339, Mashiro Shiina clobbered Aqua 1778-1238, Taiga Aisaka roated past C.C. 1681-1185, Umaru Doma eased past Kuroyukihime 1540-1325, Emilia whipped past Illyasviel von Einzbern 1761-1496 and Yoshino silenced yuki Nagato 1571-1198.

Chiyo Sakura defeated Aoba Suzukaze 1518-1225, Kurumi Tokisaki shot down Ram 1932-1241, Nao Tomori drubbed Shinobu Oshino 1610-1206, Yui Yuigahama hammered Mirai Kuriyama 1458-1286, Megumin exploded past Chino Kafuu 1750-1163, Saber sliced and diced Hifumi Takimoto 1627-1287 and the aformentioned Inori Yuzuriha prevailed over Ayase Aragaki 1415-1315 in a double-win for the deceased-turned-resurrected participants on the competition.

In the Male Division, Korosensei thumped Ryuuji Takasu 1675-1031, Gintoki Sakata routed Osamu Dazai 1524-874, Saika Totsuka prevailed over Sadao Maou 1116-1019, Saitama punched Edward Elric 1348, Takashi Natsume won a 1497-1356 barnburner over Yato. Lancer impaled Bell Cranel 1302-1027, Taki Tachibana hammered Sakamoto and Yuuta Togashi defeated Conan Edogawa.

Roy Mustang won the closest race of the round, a 1181-1167 thriller over Shidou Itsuka, Kazuma Sato defeated Gilgamesh 1428-1171, Felix Argyle dismantled Taihei Doma 1290-1026, Rintarou Okabe dismissed Genos 1404-958, Archer won a 1302-1204 nailbiter over Koyomi Araragi, Shirou Emiya pulverized Shizuo Heiwajima 1432-922 and Tatsuya Shiba won a 1100-1041 classiv over Ryuunosuke Akasaka.

Match Day 7 of the 2017 International Saimoe League Emerald Period is scheduled for September 27, 2017. Vote for your favorite characters at and join the ongoing debate.