The Pangtinuous Ya Team: We Will Rise Again.

There are two things certain in Earthen society, in any nation, state, province, city, constituency, prefecture, and the like. They are taxes and death. The loss of something important is a part of the human spirit that we, as gamers, must understand, accept, and embrace. On November 2017, the Pangya Japan Server governed by GMO will finally close its doors and enter the annals of history. The decision to not allow the world to partake in Japan's ill-fated server and provide new memories for the world is a costly decision, a weight that is the responsibility of its developers to bear.

With Japan and Thailand signing off, there are no official Pangya servers, and the Pangya Celebrity server now becomes the main server of record. It is no longer the new way to play, but the only way to play. Pangya Celebrity is continuous and is now the successor to all of the official Pangya servers and will be the server that provides new content, perhaps new characters, maybe even a new map to swing for the heavens on.

I will let you know this. I do not have any sympathy for an organization that does not listen to the wishes of the world and open its doors to the public, like Square Enix does with Final Fantasy. The appeal to be let in was denied and those who were aggrieved now have their vengeance. So for those in Japan who are grieving the loss of the game, I stand with you in saying, if I was able to play on your server, I would feel the same way but I cannot shed any tear for anyone in charge who choose to let ignorance destroy the dreams of Pangyateers around the world.

I can only feel closure and a desire to march forward.

Pangya may be gone in Japan and Thailand, but through Celebrity, it is continuous. It is more than continuous, it's Pangtinuous. To this end, on my Twitch channel, HomuHomu2093, the Pangya live stream program is now given a name: The Pangtinuous Ya Team, a nod to my favorite rugby league radio program in Australia, the Continuous Call Team on 2GB.

There are two people who anchor the team, of who are twins, one and the same: Bongaboi Pangyatoy and Bangabae Everydae. Bongaboi is the main character, the Gift The Keeps on Giving, the advocate of fast players, a loyal subscriber and VIP, a proud weeberal that prides himself on giving out card packs and active items en masse. Bangabae is the over-obsessed leader, the sasaeng, the fujoshi twin sister who also has a life on Final Fantasy XIV as Kahori Harukawa of Psychic School Wars. Both are glasses, both are nerds, both are one and the same and have a relationship similar to the Kasugano twins of Yosuga no Sora, if not exact and a lot more romantic. Bongaboi (which is me) will do most of the tourneys and content promoting on the program but occasionally, Bangabae (the other me), will take over (only if playing as Lucia or Arin, all other characters mean Bonga is at the controls), and speak with just soundless text (no microphone installed on the desktop). So that is the background to the program. The other program on the channel is a FFXIV x Saimoe crossover program, The Misadventures.

Most importantly, the program's mission is to salute and promote the legacy of Pangya and its lasting impact which is maintained and defended through the Celebrity server and its community, including the Papel Podcast featuring Michael "Atomicpang" Pearce. It is to remind the world that the dream will always live on, even if it dies. The game's Discord now has channels in different languages that reach out to its players from around the world. I believe that as a member of Pangya Celebrity, as a VIP and a subscriber, keeping the faith and believing in the Pangtinuous dream living on is now important, as another somber moment in the history of our great golf game (still the best) beckons.

Never live in fear of the inevitable. Death is a new beginning, in any form. An end yields a beginning. It is like a circle. It is continuous. It is Pangtinuous. And the Pangtinuous Ya Team will see to it that the future of Pangya is in good hands through the Celebrities that play it around the world.

Thank you Pangya Japan and Thailand. We will never forget you and we bid you farewell. Now, with the grace of Bongdal the Magnificent the Most High, it is our turn to lead the way into the future.

We will rise again.

In Pangya's name we pray...AMEN!