ISML 2017: Taki Edges Touma, Rin Cuts It Close

ISML 2017: Taki Edges Touma, Rin Cuts It Close

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
December 2, 2017

Match Day 4 of the 2017 International Saimoe League Postseason is in the books. In the Female Division Tiara Round of 16, Asuna Yuuki routed Chino Kafuu 3463-1288 and Rin Tosaka won the closest race of the Round, a 2344-2291 nailbiter over Yukino Yukinoshita. In the Scepter Round of 16, Kazuma Satou prevailed over Edward Elric 2008-1950 and Taki Tachibana scored the Upset of the Round, a 2343-2141 scalp of Touma Kamijou. In consolation action, Shino Asada defeated Jibril 2228-2063 and Archer took down Yato 2079-2017.

In Fall Diadem action, Nayuta Kani rolled past Kino 2297-1200, Yuzu whipped past Chise Hatori 1840-1384, Schwi Dola leveled Phosphophyllite 2149-1524, Nana Ebina dismissed Maika Sakuranomiya 1978-1802, Kirie Motoba eased past Akiho Kousaka 2058-1478, Diamond defeated yuuri 1890-1599, Miyako Shirakawa smashed Chito 2055-1606 and Kaho Hinata rumbled past Mio Natsume 1761-1607.

Inuyasha, winner of the 2017 ISML Divine Crown.

In Touhou Project action, Cirno defeated Reisen Udongein Inaba 1651-1394, Flandre Scarlet thumped Fujiwara no Mokou 1577-1427, Marisa Kirisami exploded past Sakuya Izayoi 1769-1342 and Remilia Scarlet made it a sister sweep with a 1617-1540 decision over Patchouli Knowledge.

Finally, in Divine Circlet semifinal action, Ruiko Saten routed Shinoa Hiiragi 2369-1519 and Kotori Minami hammered Sharo Kirima 2341-1425. Saten is tipped to win the Divine Circlet by at least 700 votes with over 3900 votes cast by the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue.

Match Day 5 of the 2017 International Saimoe League postseason is scheduled for Dec. 4, 2017. Vote for your favorite characters at and join the ongoing debate.