Friday, January 06, 2017

If I Stumble, They're Gonna Eat Me Alive...

I thought to myself as I continued my rise through the ranks: how lucky must I be to still be playing Pangya and enjoy the game for what it's worth? I am nearing completing three weeks playing the game and I am in the middle of the National Pro ranks, building up the stats of my players while taking advantage of two cards on the Celebrity server that increase my chances of a good Pangya shot: Cadie (SC) and Mingti (HS). These two cards, when used in combination, increase my chances of a good hit and a nice combo.

Thus far, I already have most of the collabs for Hello Kitty except for the ones for Cecilia. I will need to send out 10 dollars of cookies for that so I can purchase those outfits and be more inclined to play as Cecilia, although I am more likely to focus on crafting for some of the Animal Sets that are available. I estimate that by next week I will be a World Pro, given that I earn 1200 EXP per VS Match Stroke Play win. For example, if the next rank up required me to grind for at least 7000 EXP, all I need to do is seven VS stroke play matches in succession and win them all.

My vision is for one of my golfers (either Hana or Lucia) to have a normal drive of 300 yards. That's right, 300 yards. No cheating, no trainers, no hacking, none of that fancy stuff. Just natural, casual play, Angel Candy and Pang Mastery with no expiration, a steady dose of Cocoa, and so on and so forth. A lot of my pang is going to have to go towards improving my power. Right now, Hana's normal drive is 280 yards with my Bunny Pippin caddie, my normal caddie of choice. The GMs at this game are also developing the interface and giving the community a good look at how a community-run MMORPG does its business. It's cool stuff.

Already I am progressing faster on Celebrity than I ever did on Global for the first several months. With the real world stuff coming up, I may choose to steady my pace since I am in no real rush to make World Pro E right now. This is just my third week playing the game and I do want to enjoy the journey moving up. It's not the infamous FASTPASS that riled up the established gamers back on Global, but it's close and  I think by the end of the month, I will be back to Top Master C, my original rank from Global before TwinsLight, Roro Cat and Melody announced the shutdown of the server on Nov. 1 2016.

As of this blog date, I am now a National Pro B. With continued play, I  could be out of the National Pro ranks very soon. But it's not where I want to be just yet. Still, it's nice to know that the itch, the fire, the drive to play Pangya is back with a vengeance. It's a nice feeling and allows me to have a peace of mind. And my heart is beating like a hammer.