ISML 2018: The Autumn Seasonal Is Mai's To Lose

ISML 2018: The Autumn Seasonal Is Mai's To Lose

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
The Bedlam on Baltic Avenue
February 4, 2019

The 2018 International Saimoe League Autumn Seasonal is Mai Sakurajima's to lose. Sakurajima routed Kaede Azusagawa 24552-14293 and is an odds-on favorite (over/under: 50000, over, margin >=400) to defeat Rikka Takarada, who won a 20406-20245 thriller over Alice Zuberg, who the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue has tipped to finish third place. Meanwhile, Rem is a big favorite to succeed Megumi Katou as Saimoe Prime Minister after throttling Shiro 31391-12240. Mashiro Shiina, stormed past Asuna Yuuki 29140-14193 and is waiting in the wings.

Riku Dola is hoping to pull off a surprise and be elected Deputy Saimoe Prime Minister and succeed Korosensei after crushing Shouto Todoroki 27864-15523. However, Archer's consistent form at the ISML makes his case even more compelling after taking Levi Ackerman to the cleaners, 26387-19823. In other Female Division action, Nanami Aoyama scored the Upset of the Round, a 21923-20452 scalp of Rin Tosaka, Sakura Kinomoto defeated Chiyo Sakura 21923-17361 in a Sakura Showdown, Emilia prevailed over Sagiri Izumi 21049-20704, Saber slashed past Schwi Dola 21943-19297, Taiga Aisaka roared past Shouko Nishimiya 21809-19200, Tooru roared past Megumin 21481-19756, Illyasviel von Einzbern eased past Nagisa Furukawa 20198-19789 and Kurisu Makise romped past Azusa Nakano 22837-17566.

In the Male Division, Yuuta Togashi defeated Li Syaoran 19793-19461, Touma Kamijou broke Saitama 20905-19120, Taki Tachibana prevailed over Takashi Natsume 20881-20191, Willem Kmetsch whipped past Astolgo 19394-19197, Gilgamesh impaled Tomoya Okazaki 21494-18855, Conan Edogawa eased past Ainz Ooal Gown 20684-19096, Kiyotaka Ayanokouji roleld past Kusuo Saiki 20905-19950 and Kiritsugu Emiya shot past Shouya Ishida 21018-19250. Akame defeated Kokomi Teruhashi in the closest race of Match Day 6 of the 2018 ISML Postseason, a 17907-17800 snoozer, while Hitagi Senjougahara prevailed over Miku Izayoi 16367-16082. The Bedlam is tipping Senjougahara to win the Divine Circlet by at least 1000 votes with under 38000 votes cast.

Match Day 7 of the 2018 International Saimoe League Postseason is scheduled for February 5, 2019. Vote for your favorite characters at and join the ongoing debate.