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The 49 Rules

The 49 Rules To Being A Proper Long Beach State Super Fan.

These days, I do Administrative Assistant work for the Long Beach Bar Foundation. I also am active on social media and I do extensive writing, photoediting and blogging. But before that time, I went through two and a half years as a student at Long Beach State, and after I got my degree, I passed these rules to the current group of students, as well as for those to come. My priorities have changed. But people on campus still call me "Super Fan," even though I am now more comfortable being called by my real name, "J.R."

Of course there will be people who will discredit these rules, and there will be those will try to smear me, calling me a "sell-out," "self-serving," and all this intimidating drivel. And there will also be those who will call me a hypocrite for not following them when I show up at home games (which are now few and far between). That's expected when you're doing something else, and your priorities have changed. You know, these rules aren't for me. They are for you. If you are reduced to smearing me and these important rules, that means I win and you lose and you're gonna have to own that to the grave.

So, as a proud alumnus (Class of 2008), I offer these rules to those who are now going through their academic journey at CSULB. These 49 Rules are as shown below.

1. Be a current student at The Beach

2. Wear CSULB logo apparel to classes at least once a week.

3. Talk freely about the athletic teams.

4. Come to all home games unless there is a class or an engagement of equal importance.

5. Comply with the Big West and NCAA's decorum/good sporting behavior policy (no swearing, showing the finger, etc.).

6. Show a pure hatred for UC Irvine, but a clean old-fashioned one.

7. Believe that every game is a battle, and that every season is a war.

8. When a game is over, you are at peace with your opponent until the next meeting.

9. After an important victory (conference crown, Senior Day win, etc), tear your shirt off and sway it like the "Terrible Towel" of Pittsburgh.

10. Never believe in weapons, global war or killing - unless it's in the name of competitive sports.

11. Advocate the benefits of the Beach Pride Program.

12. Be a positive symbol of the university and its students.

13. Start cheers in the student section at The Walter Pyramid, Blair Field, etc.

14. Conduct the home crowd during the 7th inning stretch at Dirtbags home games.

15. If you have class, go to class and learn.

16. Strive for excellence in academics because you will go pro in something other than sports.

17. Support the Associated Students Inc., president's and Executive Board's actions.

18. Support ASI in general.

19. Make it a priority to go to as many postseason games as possible.

20. Go on any road game trips the Beach Pride Center hosts.

21. Support all Long Beach State teams, even those that are not NCAA-governed.

22. Go to home games that feature teams that fall under Rule 21.

23. When the Beach Band is performing, let your creative mind loose and dance to the music.

24. Don't be afraid to scream and be loud during all matches.

25. During basketball games, ask the students to bounce up and down when they are on defense.

26. During volleyball games, cue the cheer (Go Beach, Long Beach State, etc) while the opponent is serving.

27. Have a staunch appreciation for the Black and Blue Rivalry series.

28. Detest UC Irvine unless it's outside of sports, in which case you detest them even more.

29. Drink high-energy drinks before all home games. We need you pumped.

30. Join one of the clubs in your respective college.

31. Join a club that is not in your college but interests you.

32. If there are Big West teams other than Long Beach State in an NCAA Tournament, support them to show solidarity.

33. Shun those who lie to you about the outcome of a game. Tell them they will only be redeemed if the team wins the conference title or qualifies for postseason play.

34. Memorize the fight song.

35. Memorize the alma mater.

36. Say a prayer before a home game on the Beach Plaza by the track, and say it again after a victory.

37. Help those who need assistance with homework, etc., but not in a way that allows them to cheat on assignments.

38. Stroke the Maxson Plaza sign on the way to class, for those words are truth and life, as the motto "vox veritas vita" implies.

39. Speak the truth as a way of life.

40. If there is an important event in Long Beach, wear CSULB logo apparel.

41. For other events in Southern California, wear CSULB logo apparel.

42. Exercise your body, as well as your mind.

43. Say hello to students who say hello to you.

44. Take part in student elections.

45. If people ask for signatures for a measure, put yourself on the list.

46. At home games, be sure to bring university pennants, pompoms, foam fingers and other logo merchandise. Having plush versions of the Beach letter, Prospector Pete and Wally Pyramid can't hurt.

47. Prospector Pete is your boss. Always refer to him as "Boss," because you are his right-hand person. Whatever he says, you must do.

48. Graduate on time and celebrate your successes in the classrooms.

49. Pass these rules to the next Super Fan and wish him or her success in the role. Make sure that person is right for the job, and be certain the Beach Pride Program approves of your dirty deeds done in the name of The Beach.

And those are the 49 rules. Sometimes I fail to follow them, and I take the flak for it. Sometimes others will fail to follow them, and they take the flak. The important thing is to understand that it's not easy to stay strong when times get tough, and it can even be impossible, but it's always important to pick yourself up, and come back ready to support your teams no matter where you are, because they feed off your energy.

As for me, I won't be there to see it, but then again I don't need to, because it's already happening.