BoBA Post of the Week

Fire And Ice

One great day....

Today was fun. I woke up this morning fresh from envisioning I was my friend Steve Tran, and that my sister told me she won the lottery. (She was in angel white undies saying this //// ). My first wet dream in ages...I am saved. >_< I was impressed by Long Beach State's basketball teams defeating UC Riverside. Later that night, I taped the match between Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales. Pacman took over in the sixth, and TKO'd El Terrible in the 10th. The Philippines rejoiced as a nation, and the song "Pinoy Ako" by Orange & Lemons kept playing incessantly. And I gorged on some chocolate in celebration.

Meanwhile, in another part of Las Vegas, Miss Oklahoma won the Miss America pageant. Her significant other should already be in Iraq by now, fighting a meaningless cause, or maybe he's already dead...I am a jinxoholic. Somebody save me, nyo.

This will set me up for a fun week, the first week of the Spring semester. I don't know if I got that position at the computer labs; I haven't received a phone call or e-mail....le sigh.