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Saimoe 2007 Group Finals Preview: Group F

Saimoe 2007 Group Finals Preview

Group F

Suiseiseki (Jade Stern)

Defending Saimoe Champion

(from Wikipedia)

The third Rozen Maiden doll, and Souseiseki's older twin, they are both referred to as "gardeners" for their ability to communicate and tend not only to regular plants, but also to the "soul trees" of humans. Their artificial spirits also allow them to access the dream worlds where such trees are located. Suiseiseki must call upon her artificial spirit to summon her watering can which she uses to nourish the "soul trees" and to launch her plant attacks. She makes an impression with her high-pitched voice, heterochromatic eyes (her left eye is green and her right eye is red), and frequent use of the sentence-ending copula "desu", and is described by Shinku as "the most timid and shy of the sisters" in the first season and even as a crybaby in Ouvertüre. She is quite easily scared of strange noises, and prefers to hide behind her sisters in the presence of strangers. With those she is acquainted however, she shows a very devious personality. Suiseiseki adores the spotlight, and her favorite activities include smashing the window of Jun's room (hitting Jun in the process frequently), picking mercilessly on Hina Ichigo, and cackling maniacally. She has a wild imagination, a short temper and a fondness for telling wild lies to terrify Hina Ichigo, whom she calls either "chibi-chibi" (tiny tiny) or "chibi-ichigo" (tiny strawberry). For the most part, Suiseiseki and Jun seem incapable of being civil with each other; she refuses to call Jun by name, opting for "runt" ("chibi-ningen," which translates to "little human") instead.

Despite her attitude towards Jun, she does care a great deal for him, and her attempts to cover that up usually manifest in the form of more insults. In Rozen Maiden träumend, Suiseiseki stands out among the dolls in that she values her sisters' love more than the goal of becoming Alice. She is one of the few dolls who opposes the Alice Game, and has no intentions of becoming Alice if it means taking her fellow sisters' Rosae Mysticae. Suiseiseki and Jun attempt, without much success, to convince the other Rozen Maidens that the Alice Game is a meaningless endeavour. In her brief appearance in the OVA, she makes the same appeal to her twin several times.

Suiseiseki tries to avoid participating in the Alice Game as much as possible, but she can use her watering can to make plants emerge from the ground and manipulate them. Her artificial spirit is named after the popular Anna Sui perfume.

Last year, the voters said “Yes” to “DESU”, and Suiseiseki was the champion of Saimoe 2006. This year, she is four victories away from a successful defense of her title. It’s no joke why she is a favorite among the voters: the tsundere factor, an imagination that I personally can relate to, a cackling laugh that would make Baron Samedi jealous, and a pacifistic attitude (Say No to Alice Games Desu!) when it comes to being the best at the Alice Games.

Perhaps it's Suiseiseki's penchant for Pocky that made her the champion. Her never ending hunger for those chocolate covered biscuit sticks may be the things that could fortify her title defense. We'll just have to wait and see.

Of course, Suiseiseki is not going to want to rock the house at the Alice Games that Rozen created desu. But when it comes to Saimoe…it’s a totally different story desu. And it’s a tournament that she will want to win, and defend her title in desu. Can she pull it off? You make the call.

Tsukasa Hiiragi

How she got here:

1st Round: Defeated Koyuki Asagiri 1003-560

2nd Round: Defeated Aika S. Granzchesta 1048-415

3rd Round: Defeated San Seto 1519-1448

(from Wikipedia)

* Age:16

* Birthday: July 7

* Zodiac Sign: Cancer

* Residence: Saitama Prefecture

* Blood type: B

* Strong Subjects: Home Economics

* Disliked Subjects: PE

* Hair Color: Purple

* Eye Color: Light Violet

* Height: 158 cm (5' 2")

Tsukasa Hiiragi is the younger fraternal twin sister of Kagami Hiiragi and lives in a six-member family household with her parents. She is in the same class as Konata Izumi. She isn't good at studying or at sports, but excels in cooking. Tsukasa often depends on Kagami for help on her homework, like Konata, but their reasons are different: Tsukasa easily forgets her assignments, while Konata is just too lazy or preoccupied with her hobbies to do them herself. Unlike some of the other characters in the series, Tsukasa has not shown any particular interests in video games and anime, but she does like the Sgt. Frog series.

Tsukasa's physique is a little smaller than average. She has short, purple hair with a ribbon like a head band in it. Her eyes are droopy and she is portrayed as a stereotypical klutz. Tsukasa once received a mobile phone for her birthday, but didn't have much luck with it, as the phone was taken away by using it in class and mistakenly ruined by putting it in the laundry, along with her skirt. Once, she left instant yakisoba alone after pouring hot water in it, only to come back later discovering there was no water left to drain. Unlike most of the cast of Lucky Star, Tsukasa is a heavy sleeper, and cannot wake up at a set time, even when someone is present to do so. Both Kagami and Tsukasa are left-handed.

Suiseiseki will be facing a very stiff test from the younger sister of Kagami Hiiragi, who was eliminated due to a flood of fake votes. The Lucky Star voters were keen not to let the same fate happen to Tsukasa, who pulled off a huge victory over Sun Seto, the flagship moekko from Seto no Hanayome after cruising through the first two rounds without much of a challenge.

The big question for Tsukasa is, will she be able to dethrone Suiseiseki? She is capable of doing it, but it will take a lot of support, but can she do it without going through those fake votes.

What to expect:

A stirring battle for the ages. This is a toss-up, but it will go down to the wire. If Tsukasa can must enough support from those who voted for Kagami, as well as others in the forums who vote for her without cutting any corners, Suiseiseki will be facing a tough test in defending her title. I am calling for the Desu Nation to prevail…but barely.

BoBA’s prediction:

Suiseiseki by less than 50 votes.