ISML 2009: Kagami Hiiragi leads the way through Topaz 8

ISML 2009: Kagami Hiiragi leads the way through Topaz 8

May 1, 2009

With one match day remaining in the Topaz phase, Kagami Hiiragi leads the pack heading into the final match day for the second necklace in the 2009 International Saimoe League season.

Hiiragi consolidated her lead with a 1376-852 rout of Ami Kawashima in London.

Chasing her are seven others who are also undefeated. Fate Testarossa Harlaown, the defending champion, cruised by Illaysviel von Einzbern, 1307-946 in Madrid, Haruhi Suzumiya had no problems against Patchouli Knowledge with a 1791-628 blowout in Dhaka, keeping her unbeaten season alive while Shana doubled up on Shiki Ryogi with a businesslike 1623-808 drubbing in Tehran.

Yuki Nagato, who is currently second, scored amn easy 1670-755 victory over Shiori Misaka in Seoul. Kyou Fujibayashi's undefeated season continued, with a 1519-800 demolition of Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Hinagiku Katsura chalked up a 1402-904 victory over Hayate Yagami in Sydney. And Tomoyo Sakagami's unbeaten run coinues, with a 1506-1252 victory over Shinku in New York City.

In other results, Konata Izumi flattened Chii 1438-983 in Tokyo, Rena Ryuuguu took down Anya Earlstreim 1439-903 while wearing a facemask in Mexico City, Mumbai witnessed Sakura Kinomoto outpace Misuzu Kamio 1289-1055, Remilia Scarlet defeated Aya Shameimaru in a battle of Touhou Project characters 957-742 in Mexico City, and Suiseiseki prevailed over Mikto Misaka 1211-1130 in Shanghai.

Rika Furude rolled to a 1301-826 victory over Tamaki Kawazoe, Konjiki no Yami (Golden Darkness) was all business in a 1345-723 laugher over Kirino Chiba in Los Angeles, Saber outdueled Maria 1316-1082 in Buenos Aires, and Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere stomped Akari Mizunashi 1311-938 in Karachi.

Mai Kawasumi ripped apart Evangeline A.K. McDowell 1245-989 in Manila, Fuuko Ibuki scored a 1207-864 victory over Nayuki Minase in Cairo, Jakarta saw Nagisa Furukawa whip by Yuuhi Katagiri 1296-889, Hanyuu Furude won a thriller against Ayu Tsukimiya 1055-1032 in Paris, and Kotomi Ichinose and her violin sounded off Nagi 1411-781 in Lima.

Tsukasa Hiiragi pounded Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga 1555-653 in Bangkok, C.C. sent Marisa Kirisame back to earth with a 1318-851 decision in Bogota, Nagi Sanzen'in ran past Vita in Kinshasa 1430-894, Nanoha Takamachi busted Alice Carroll, 1417-768, and Holo outraced Mei Sunohara, 1285-1109 in Toronto.

Wrapping up the day's action, Suigintou delivered a 1342-850 blow to Reimu Hakurei in Algiers, Minori Kushieda had no problems against Makoto Sawatari with a 1288-916 decision in Milan, Rin Tosaka dusted off Kallen Kozuki (Stadtfeld) 1607-715 in Santo Domingo, and Katowice witnessed Mikuru Asahina blast Sayuri Kurata, 1469-844.

Will Kagami be able to hold on and with the third necklace in her ISML career, or will it be one of the members of the pack. Vote at


ISML Minhtam Nguyen (minhtam1638) contributed to this report.