ISML 2009: Shinku gets the Diamond

ISML 2009: Shinku gets the Diamond

By Bongaboi
September 5, 2009

As the 2009 International Saimoe League drew to a close, the fate of the final necklace, the Diamond, was determined.

And the unexpected of all competitors in contention, Shinku, won it. A comprehensive 1967-1167 victory over Mai Kawasumi in New York City

"Well, I was not expecting this," said the Pure Ruby herself at a victory rally by the Rockefeller Center, who was surrounded by Suigintou (who defeated Kotomi Ichinose 1850-1496 in London), Suiseiseki (who wrapped up another Rozen Maiden sweep with a 1707-1585 victory over Horo in Paris), Jun and Nori Sakurada, Kanaria, Kirakishou, Souseiseki, Hina-Ichigo, and Tomoe Kashiwaba. "I wanted to get the Ruby necklace, but I'll take Diamond any old day."

Banners in the air read: "It's the year of the Alice Doll!", "We love you Shinku!", "Screw 2chan and Anizone; we got the best moe here in New York" and "NY<3RM", that is, New York lover Rozen Maiden.

"Well, I guess you should be happy that you got your first necklace," said a bemused Suigintou.
"Now that each of us got a necklace, I have a question for all of you here desu," asked Suiseiseki. "Raise your hands if you think this will be the year one of us takes the Tiara away from that fugly wench Testarossa desu!"
Everybody did.
"That's what I'm talking about desu! Now raise your hands if it's going to be me that takes it desu! Ohohohoho..." Nobody did. "Ehhh!? To hell with you all desu! I'm outta here desu!" She quickly exited the stage before being dragged back by Jun. "Hanase desu! Mou desu!"
"How many of you think it's going to be me, the embodiment of perfection?" asked Suigintou.
Half of the hands were raised.
"And yours truly?" Shinku asked, quietly sipping another cup. The other half were raised. "There's your answer, you piece of junk."
"Oh Shinku, you didn't have to rub it in that way, you fool," she responded with an evil, vain laugh.
"Anyway desu, thank you all for supporting us this year desu! Wish us all luck desu!" appealed Suiseiseki to the crowd, who chanted "Rozen Maiden!" while the strains of Kinjareta Asobi and Seishouji Ryouiki wafted through the Manhattan Skyline.

Meanwhile, a victory rally was held for Shana in Tokyo. "Our job is not finished yet," she said, surrounded by Yuji Sekai, Kazumi Yoshida, Margery Daw and Hecate. "We have a ways yet to go before we get the job done. Thank you for your support during this International Saimoe League regular season. Now the tough part begins."
"Give props to Shana," said a disappointed Hinagiku Katsura, who lost to the overall regular season champion 1438-2107. "She might be the one that wins this one."
At another victory rally, Mikuru Asahina celebrated her perfect run with a 2444-690 against winless Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga in Istanbul. "Um...thank you for helping me finish this campaign without a defeat."
"I love you!" said a Mikuru supporter with an apparent nosebleed.
"I love you too," she said, blowing a kiss. The supporter had to be sent to a hospital. He is recovering with blinding speed that he left the hospital without his clothes on. He is currently on the run.

"Fuuko may not have made the cut," said a disappointed Fuuko Ibuki after defeating Hayate Yagami 1956-1092 in Sao Paulo, "but Fuuko will be back next year and become stronger. Fuuko thanks her supporters for their support." She waved to the crowd as star-shapped gold confetti rained down in the Brazilian city, where chanting, drumming and singing of Mag Mell took place.

With Kawasumi's loss, Kanon is effectively out of contention from returning automatically to the 2010 International Saimoe League. This means that there will be 30 open slots for next year's competition.

Minori Kushieda has been the surprise story of the phase. Although she ends her Diamond run with a 6-3 record, her string of victories-which was capped with a 1789-1042 blasting of Anya Earlstreim in Sydney-ensures that all the characters from Toradora! are slated to return next season due to the .500 rule.

In addition to Rozen Maiden, Fate/Stay Night also earned a sweep. Saber slashed past Yuuhi Katagiri 1979-990 in Buenos Aires, Rin Tosaka prevailed over Konata Izumi 1896-1514 in Bogota and Illyasviel von Einzbern easily flattened Kirino Chiba 1850-887 in Seoul.

In other action...Chii clobbered Patchouli Knowledge 1568-898 in Mexico City, Sayuri Kurata torched Index L. Prohibitorum 1741-1083 in Mumbai, Haruhi Suzumiya finally figured out Yuki Nagato in a 1752-1415 victory in Shanghai, Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La valliere pulverized Shiki Ryogi 1934-975 in Lagos and Kallen Kozuki (Stadtfeld) took out Akari Mizunashi 1544-1102.

Kyou Fujibayashi got her revenge for her defeat to Tomoyo Sakagami last year with a 1868-1352 victory in Karachi, Kagami Hiiragi upended defending champion Fate Testarossa Harlaown 1948-1317 in Dhaka, Nanoha Takamachi busted Rena Ryuuguu 1814-1401 in Manila, Nagi Sanzen'in took out C.C. 1955-1457 in Cairo, Reimu Hakurei ended her season with a 1209-115 victory over Amu Hinamori in Jakarta and Mikoto Misaka whipped past Evangeline A.K. McDowell 1597-1065 in Moscow.

Sakura Kinomoto scored an impressive 1728-1578 victory over Tsukasa Hiiragi in Lima to wrap up her ISML season, Hanyuu Furude finished on a high note with 1576-1523 thriller over Ami Kawashima in Tehran, Nayuki Minase tore down Alice Carroll 1652-946 in bangkok, Taiga Aisaka roared pase Misuzu Kamio 1927-1334 in Santiago and Konjiki no Yami never broke a sweat in dismissing Nagi 2110-834 in Kinshasa.

Wrapping up the 2009 International Saimoe League Regular Season...Tamaki Kawazoe ended her dismal year on a winning note with a 1048-1018 nailbiter in Toronto, Nagisa Furukawa laid the dango on Rika Furude 1739-1536 in Algiers, Marisa Kirisame outpaced Remilia Scarlet 1319-1195 in Milan, Maria dusted off Shiori Misaka 2193-889 in Madrid, Mei Sunohara ensured of her return for next season with a 1861-870 drubbing of Makoto Sawatari in Santo Domingo and Vita ended her ISML run with a 1528-1362 win over Ayu Tsukimiya in Katowice.


1. Shana (SAP) 186 pts
2. Haruhi Suzumiya 177 pts
3. Tomoyo Sakagami (AQ) 174 pts
4. Kyou Fujibayashi 171 pts
5. Suigintou (AM) 168 pts
6. Fate Testarossa Harlaown (C) 165 pts
7. Yuki Nagato (TOP) 159 pts
8. Rin Tosaka 159 pts
9. Kagami Hiiragi 156 pts
10. Taiga Aisaka 156 pts
11. Hinagiku Katsura (RUB) 153 pts
12. Mikuru Asahina 150 pts
13. Suiseiseki (EM) 147 pts
14. Nanoha Takamachi 147 pts
15. Shinku (DIA) 147 pts
16. Horo 141 pts

(C) Defending ISML Champion
(AQ) Aquamarine Necklace winner
(TOP) Topaz Necklace winner
(AM) Amethyst Necklace winner
(SAP) Sapphire Necklace winner
(EM) Emerald Necklace winner
(RUB) Ruby Necklace winner
(DIA) Diamond Necklace winner