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ISML 2012: Prelims Phase II wraps up

ISML 2012: Prelims Phase II wraps up

By JR Salazar (Bongaboi)
March 28, 2012

Phase II of the 2012 International Saimoe League Preliminaries wrapped up on Wednesday, and eight new contestant have been entered into the field.

As predicted by the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue, Yui Hirasawa wrapped up Stella Group 5 with victories over Kagami Hiiragi 2583-1995 and Hecate 2583-1974. Rena Ryuuguu and Minori Kushieda also finished strong. Ryuuguu whipped past Kagura 2773-1624 and Rukia Kuchiki 2773-1431 and Kushieda outlasted Lala Satalin Deviluke 2269-2087 and Ruiko Saten 2269-1924.

Also as predicted by BoBA, Inori Yuzuriha will fly the flag for Guilty Crown, scoring Nova Group 5 victories over Asami Iwasawa 2751-2257 and Yuno Gasai 2751-1422. Haruka Morishima and Mami Tomoe also scored victories on the day. Morishima blew past Rin Kaga 2264-1822 and Chihaya Kisaragi 2264-1528. Tomoe, in a rare victory for the Puella Magi, shot down Reki 2618-1937 and Wendy Marvell 2618-1715.

BoBA called for Last Order to win Stella Group 6, and she did it, but it was close. Last ORder won a 2274-2197 thriller over Konjiki no Yami and edged Mikuru Asahina 2274-2046. Also winning close matches were Ushio Okazaki and Yomi Isayama. Okazaki defeated Maria 2307-2039 and Tsubasa Hanekawa 2307-1980. Isayama prevailed over Suiseiseki 2087-2004 and Sawako Kuronuma 2087-1454.

Erio Towa was projected by the Bedlam to win Nova Group 6, and it happened. Touwa routed Haqua du Lot Herminium 2550-2222 and Madoka Kaname 2550-1643. Ayase Shinomiya and Airi Sena also scored wins. Shinomiya took down Kirika Ueno 2575-1726 and Akari Akaza 2575-1601. Sena was all business against Nako Oshimizu 2824-1429 and Nano Shinonome 2824-1413.

Illyasviel von Einzbern was projected by BoBA to win Stella Group 7, and she got the job done with victories over Ikaros 2407-2327 and Ui Hirasawa 2407-1832. Kurimu Sakurano and Kazari Uiharu also finished their Stella 7 run on a winning note. Uiharu defeated Ai Enma 2411-1678 and Shinku 2411-1556. Sakurano rolled past Sakura Kinomoto 2266-1989 and Rika Furude 2266-1989.

Illyasviel's mother, Irisviel, will also be in the regular season, after cruising past Kanon Nakagawa 2226-2138 and Kanade Suzutsuki 2226-1924. Sayaki Miki and Houki Shinonono also came away victorious. Miki slashed past Naruko Anjou 2162-2013 and Haruka Amami 2162-1472. Shinonono rolled past Ohana Matsumae 2355-1997 and Kyouko Toshinou 2355-1618.

In the first of two surprise results, according to BoBA, Holo upset Kyou Fujibayashi 2278-2266 in Stella Group 8. Mafuyu Shiina was a distant third with 1764 votes. Mai Kawasumi and Fate Testarossa also finished the group with wins. Testarossa slammed Kaori Kanzaki 2471-2037 and Shiki Ryougi 2471-1427. Kawasumi, a mainstay in Kanon, prevailed over Kobato Hanato 2479-1965 and Hinata Hyuuga 2479-1165.

In Nova Group 8, Mayo Chiki's hopes for breaking through to the regular season have hit a speed bump in Nova Group 8 after the most unexpected of characters from The World God Only Knows became the first to fly the flag for the series. Shiori Shiomiya stunned Subaru Konoe 2169-1997 while putting the clamps on Fear Kubrick 2169-1997. Shirayuki Hotogi and Horizon Ariadust also finished Preliminaries Phase II with victories. Hotogi slashed past Mayuri SHiina 2457-2070 and Miu Amaha 2457-1505. Ariadust dusted off Miki Hoshii 2418-1853 and Himari Takakura 2418-1086.

Only one phase remains in the 2012 International Saimoe League Preliminaries, and that is Phase II. Judgement Week begins on April 8 with Match Day 15 of the Prelims and Match Day 1 of Phase III. Vote for your favorite candidates on and join the ongoing debate.

As always, keep up to date on continuing coverage of the ISML on and the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue.
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