Friday, March 01, 2013

March is here...

March is finally here. A few weeks removed from the MLP hype, the speculation continues regarding the future of the land of the ponies and whether or not Twilight Sparkle will be able to get the job done as the fourth princess of the lands. Cadance gets the north, Celestia gets the east, Luna gets the west, and Twilight gets the south. Home to the best Amareican hoofball in the land. Meanwhile, the debut of the new Sailor Moon series is a few months away and I am personally awaiting any new art or design. Are they going to stay faithful to the 90's version, or are they going to update everything and make it something that will be a hit with the modern-day fans in Japan and elsewhere? I always like to find a compromise to all of this because it's a challenge to have to reboot a franchise as accomplished as Sailor Moon. This was the show that made me an anime fan back in August 1995. So if they're going to do this, updating it is fine, but it must be faithful to how it was meant to be done. 52 weeks? No problem. Just make sure to make it a hit instead of a flop.

I'm not going to keep my hopes too high, though.

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