ISML 2014: Eight more Nova faces join the party

ISML 2014: Eight more Nova faces join the party

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
March 10, 2014

Eight more faces from the Nova Division have entered the 2014 International Saimoe League main draw after Preliminaries Match Day 12. Some of these faces have clinched promotion to the Stella Division. Others are in it for the very first time. Let's take a look.

Joining from Nova Group 1 is Eru Chitanda (2506 vote), with wins over Mikan Yuuki (2317 votes) and Chocolat (1440 votes). Other victors from this group included Yui Yuigahama (2268 votes) over Noire (1821 votes) and Kyouko Sakura); and Ai Astin (2139 votes) over Kouko Kaga (1867 votes) and Maki Nishikino (1397 votes).

Tohka Yatogami (2724 votes) is entering the main draw from Nova Group 2 after defeating Karuta Roromiya (2204 votes) and Charlotte Belew (1233 votes). Other winners from this group included Ouka Yuuouji (2397 votes) over Tamako Kitashirakawa (1816 votes) and Manaka Mukaido (1441 votes); and You Kasukabe (2495 votes) over Komari Kishigaya (1664 votes) and Celestia Ludenberg (1401 votes).

Kurousagi (2566 votes) is joining the party from Nova Group 3 after defeated Renge Miyauchi (1999 votes) and Mei Misaki (1497 votes). Other winners included Ai Shindou (2029 votes) over Natsume Tsuchimikado (1770 votes) and Neptune; and Ai Fuyuumi (2163 votes) over Himeko Inaba (2031 votes) and Gou Matsuoka (1180 votes).

Yukino Yukinoshita (2968 votes) is going through from Nova Group 4 after wins over Sanae Dekomori (1817 votes) and Ririchiyo Shirakiin (1438 votes). Other winners included Asuka Kudou (2408 votes), who defeated Sayaka Miki (1600 votes) and Karen Kujou (1524 votes); and Noumi Kudryavka (2132 votes), who defeated Yuno Gasai (1788 votes) and Nepgear (1774 votes).

Touka Takanashi (2457 votes) joins Eru in promotion to the Stella after wins over Momo Velia Deviluke (2155 votes) and Madoka Kaname (1493 votes) in Nova Group 5. Other winners included Furano Yukihira (2033 votes), who defeated Akatsuki (1818 votes) and Yuiko Kurugaya (1756 votes); and Myucel Foaran (2066 votes), who defeated Hotaru Ichijou (1718 votes) and Iona (1364 votes).

Another Nova contestant that will be moving up to Stella next year is Suguha Kirigaya (2385), who took care of Misaki Shokuhou (2038 votes) and Shiori Shimiya (1731 votes) in Nova Group 6. Also winning were Komari Kamikita (2165 votes) over Tomoko Kuroki (1717 votes) and Takao (1491 votes); and Laura Bodewig (2077 votes), who defeated Leticia Draculair (1879 votes) and Cthugha (1733 votes).

Origami Tobiichi (2227 votes) ensures that Date A Live will leave its influence on the Nova Division after winning Group 7 over Nyarlathotep (2147 votes) and Mitsuki Nase (1746 votes). Other winners included Masuzu Natsukawa (2151 votes), who defeated Suzuka Dairenji (1888 votes) and Ryuuko Matoi (1359 votes); and Yukina Himeragi (2290 votes), who defeated Frenda Seivelun (1839 votes) and Kyouko Kirigiri (1645 votes).

Finally, Yui of Sword Art Online will be promoted to the Stella Division next year after defeating Haqua du Lot Herminium (2150 votes) and Rin Natsume (1618 votes). Also winning were Frey (2254 votes) over Mikasa Ackerman (1832 votes) and Emi Yusa (1776 votes); and Chisaki Hiradaira (2100 votes) over Morgiana (1863 votes) and Kazusa Touma (1227 votes).

Two more days remain in the prelims before the main draw comes up. Match Day 13 of the 2014 International Saimoe League Preliminaries is scheduled for Sunday, March 16, 2014. Vote for your favorite candidates at and join the ongoing debate.