Issues at Nutopia Sports?

In January, I told you that there were issues regarding my status on Utopia College Sports. That site has since been scrapped. Well, now in the new forum, Nutopia Sports, I am getting this message:

One of the things about Nutopia Sports is that is has this feature called discouraging users, since it uses the XenForo feature. Check it out here. Now I am hoping that I am not being discouraged, because most of my posts have been focused on my offline dynasty writing. Currently I'm working on the 2021 Pony Conference season. But if there really is an issue with the site and it doesn't have to do with me being discouraged (i.e., maintenance work, actual server attack, etc.), that's a totally different story.

EDIT: I just got a message from my buddy Travis Rounsaville about this. He says:
It is down for routine maintenance this evening for a couple of hours. CMQ
made a news forum post about it, but I don't hink everyone saw it.

All right, well that makes a whole lot more sense. Maintenance work it is.