Saturday, December 13, 2014

Focus: A Pangya Must-Have.

Readers on the Bedlam on Baltic Avenue, this is what I am going to focus my Pangya cube farming operatives on for the next week.

This is the Poster Set for Hana, which was released back in 2010 and is now a Memorial Gacha item. The ironic thing about it is that I already own the Poster Set for Kooh from Memorial Gacha. Well, this was the Poster Set that I wanted from all of them because Hana is my main, whether it's the Classic version or the Renewed Version. Speaking of which, my renewed Hana is 25 games away from clearing all of the achievements I can accomplish with her. Once that happens, she is pretty much retired and I can go back to playing as Classic Hana, as all of the achievements will be cleared when I play 10,000 games with her.

Anyway, cutting to the chase. I am officially 170 opened spinning cubes away from finally obtaining the 700 required to send to Cadie. Here's the thing: the Opened Spinning Cubes update is not until Dec. 18. This gives me five days to muster up 170 more cubes and 170 more Keys of Fortune to open them. The fine folks at the Pangya Team will be giving me 30 of the keys required in three daily logins from now. But that's pretty much it. I need to allocate $15 on keys and that won't come until I receive a Christmas bonus from my employees on what I hope will be Monday.

Getting the Keys of Fortune is the easy part. The difficult part is getting the cubes. We're talking 170 cubes here. I am only allowed to carry 100 at a time. So once I empty out the next 100, I need 70 more. Unfortunately this is something I won't really get to until the following weekend, since Monday and Tuesday are work days for me. But I will be spending hours upon hours grinding on Pink Wind 18 holes and Abbot Mine Hole 15 on Hole Repeat.

In any case, I am committed to claiming this piece of Pangya history for my own next week, but I will need to open up the wallet to get it done. Come oooooooon bonus check!
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