I hope Deon Tresvant becomes a 49er

I hope Deon Tresvant becomes a 49er

By Jo-Ryan Salazar
February 11, 2007

In between savoring the Dirtbags hooking the Horns, the men’s and women’s basketball team continuing to go different directions, women’s tennis doing business as usual, men’s volleyball pummeling NAIA doormats, and softball and women’s water polo going on shaky ground, and cross country becoming world-beaters, I must go ahead a provide a special announcement: Long Beach City’s basketball teams (yes, even the women) are good.

No, scratch good, GREAT. No, scratch GREAT, UNBELIEVABLE. I’ll get to the men later in this entry. First, the women. How do say consistent? T-r-i-m-e-k-a J-a-c-k-s-o-n. That’s it. Coach Trimeka Jackson is building a strong foundation at City. Her women’s basketball team wrapping up a share of the league title. Mary Hegarty’s women wouldn’t stand a chance. Sorry, but it’s the cold, hard truth. 18-9, 6-1 in South Coast Conference play, with El Camino left before playoffs.

Now, we go to the men. Mention the name “Deon Tresvant” and every opponent raises his arms and hands in despair. Against L.A. Harbor, the team he left ship from to join Gary Anderson’s Vikings: 48 points in a double-OT win, 100-94. The game after that against L.A. Southwest: 63 points in a triple-OT win-and the title, 132-131. Don’t even bother topping that, Kobe Bryant.

(Well, maybe he already has, but in this situation? I would reckon against it.)

I hope Deon Tresvant signs with Long Beach State. With Kejuan Johnson (who is a fellow LBCC alum) and Aaron Nixon leaving, we can use him, most definitely. I kid you not. When you have someone in the clutch like that who wins in that dramatic type of fashion, you gotta be salivating at that type of effort.

By the way, the men so far got another 20-win season (with our guys soon to follow). They are now 20-10 (7-0 in SCC play) and will probably be hosting a round or two in the playoffs heading to Fresno.

I won’t be surprised if Tresvant wins in quadruple-OT, with 100 points, and a ridiculous bevy of clutch shots and some to go with. Curse my inability to split into two people. I need to get out more.