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Post Number 401 on the Bedlam...and it isn't a happy one

March 24, 2008 was a landmark moment in the history of this blog, as it reached 400 posts. But today, March 27, 2008, should be a landmark moment in the annals of 49er volleyball ignomity. You can't expect to win matches, let alone championships if you let the opponent come from two games down to win in five. I mean, how the fuck is that possible to win anything?

If my guys learned something, it's to go to the nearest place of worship and seek penance. In a hurry. Cause there is no redemption when you let UC Irvine get one step closer to winning this year's edition of the Black and Blue Rivalry Series. In fact, in the words of Lee Corso, "Forget about it!"

And you know what? I have a gut feeling that that won't the last time we choke in five. That's three times SO FAR this year (as of this post) our guys failed to shut the door on our opponents when it goes the distance. This game, obviously, had to hurt, because the match shouldn't have gone the distance in the first place.

If I'm Alan Knipe, any hairs remaining on my head are gone. And I already have Dr. Bosley's number, in case my boys find salvation any way they can get it, cause they weren't going to see the light tonight. Nope, not with the way we played after Game 2; only a black hole.