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ISML 2009: Eight remain in contention...and Shana still leads the way

ISML 2009: Eight remain in contention for Aquamarine...and Shana still leads the way

March 29, 2009

With three matches to go in the Aquamarine necklace phase, the list contenders goes down to eight.

Among those are defending champion fate Testarossa Harlaown, Hinagiku Katsura, Kotomi Ichinose, and Shana, who all scored significant victories.

Shana, the league leader, defeated Nanoha Takamachi in a high-profile contest in Tokyo, 1,324-1,158. Ichinose and her violin took care of business against yuki Nagato, 1,260-1,207 in Shanghai. Katsura disposed of Tsukasa Hiiragi, 1,336-1,014 in Istanbul, while Harlaown was on her way to her sixth straight with a 1,301-909 decision over Suiseiseki in Milan.

Others in contention for the first necklace of the season include Kyou Fujibayashi, Saber, Tomoyo Sakagami and Haruhi Suzumiya.

Fujibayashi score an easy 1337-857 win over Nagi sanzen'in in Bangkok, with the faithful chanting "Leet! Leet! Leet!" Suzumiya faced a tough test against c.C. in Katowice, but stood tall in a 1303-1165 win, while Saber pasted Illyasviel von Einzbern in a 1255-805 laugher between Fate/Stay Night compatriots in Paris. Sakagami, meanwhile, glided to a 1,297-924 win over Rin Tosaka in Santiago.

The rest of the results saw impressive efforts by a number of the new faces, while veterans of the tournament had their day.

Mexico City watch Alice Carroll edge Amu Hinamori, 929-902. Louise francoise Le Blan De La Valliere defeated Anya Earlstreim, 1,175-949 in Mumbai, while Nagisa furukawa scored an inpressive 1,276 1,230 win over Kagami Hiiragi in Sao Paolo, knocking her out of contention for the Aquamarine necklace.

Index L. Prohibitorum was on her way to a 1,091-898 win over Akari Mizunashi in New York City, Konata Izumi let the dogs out on Holo in a 1,218-1,119 slugfest in Lagos, and Aya Shameimaru got on the win column with a 1,033-864 win over Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga in Los Angeles./

Rena Ryuuguu outworked Suigintou, 1,159-1,034 in Buenos Aires, Kallen Kozuki (Statdfeld) defeated Makoto Sawatari 1,026-996 in Seoul, Fuuko Ibuki sent Mizusu Kamio flying, 1,240-834 in Karachi, and Mei Sunohara had no problems with Kirino Chiba, 1,315-643, in Dhaka.

Mai Kawasumi put on a show in Manila, dismissing Chii 1,126-986, while Konjiki no Yami (Golden Darkness) took the shine off Shiori Misaka, 1,039-842 in Cairo. Yuuhi Katagiri was no match for taiga Aoisaka, 1,388-693 in Jakarta, and Rika Furude leveled Sakura Kinomoto 1,215-946 in Moscow.

Minori Kushieda took down Nagi 1,161-809 in London, Maria rolled over reimu Hakurei 1,062-932 in Lima, and Ami Kawashima completed a successful day for Toradora!, with a 1,250-730 decision over Evangeline McDowell in Tehran.

As the dead people began to float on the rivers that flow around and through Bogota, Remilia Scarlet had a little more blood in her-okay, a LOT more blood left in her-in a 954-926 win over Vita, and nayuki Minase took out Hayate Yagami, 975-931 in Kinshasa.Kimoto Misaka and her lightning broke through Patchouli Knowledge's attacks-and books-in a 1,096-736 walloping in Toronto, Shinku scored a 1,084-1,022 victory over Ayu Tsukimiya in Algiers, and Mikuru Asahina was all business with a 1,399-771 decision over Shiki Ryogi in Madrid.

Rounding out the match day's action, Hanyuu Furude completed a successful outting for Higurashi with a 1,307-653 thump-a-thon of tamaki Kawazoe in Sydney, while Sayuri Kurata kept Marisa Kirisame winles with a 1,061-928 decision in Santo Domingo.

---matteas, Juice, minhtam1638, and kev of the ISML all contributed to this report.