ISML 2009: Shana, Yuki Nagato inch one step closer to the Tiara

ISML 2009: Shana, Yuki Nagato inch one step closer to the Tiara

October 3, 2009

The possibility of Shana going through the ISML 2009 Tiara campaign without a defeat grew stronger, while Yuki Nagato also progressed into the next round in the Winner's Bracket.

Nagato may not have advanced in the 2009 Anizone Beat Moe and 2chan Anime Saimoe tournaments, but she did win the bulk of the vote in her match with Haruhi Suzumiya on Point Kappa, 3.50 light years away, by the score of 1429-1119.

"Winning the tournaments in Korea and Japan are insignificant when compared to winning a crown as prestigious as this," Nagato said after the contest. "I can calculate that this brings a feeling of accomplishment, but only to a certain degree. In layman terms, the job is not finished. Shana is as strong an opponent as anyone could face in the ISML this year, and she will not be an opponent to take down without a certain degree of commitment and effort on my part."

"Not looking good for us," said Haruhi after the contest. "I am not surprised about Yuki beating me again, but Eruruu beating both of us at 2chan. This is a clear insult to our cause. Even worse, with Yuki out of it in Korea, we are losing our clout. Thankfully there are those abroad that still believe in who we are and what our mission is."

Shana, meanwhile, had less difficulty defeating Rin Tosaka at Point Iota, located 3.15 light years from Earth, by the score of 1524-1108.

"My objective is approaching this tournament one match at a time," Shana said. "Today our team is three victories away from accoplishing our goal. "There is a ten-day gap between me and my battle with Kyou Fujibayashi, so I am intent on training in Point Phi's arena in preparation of my next fight."

Fujibayashi took it to Suigintou on Point Mu, located 4.20 years away, by the score of 1550-1026.

"Junk is as junk does, and I intend to lay the book on someone who is so," Fujibayashi said after her battle. "Shana is different. She will leave you charred if you let down your guard, but I fear nothing and I will fight hard. Hey, that rhymes. Maybe when I go into teaching I will be a poet too."

At Point Lambda, located 3.85 light years away, Hinagiku Katsura took down Tomoyo Sakagami 1360-1255.

"Back on Earth, Nagi [Sanzen'in] is the only one remaining, and I do not like her chances against Nodoka [Haramura]," Katsura said after her battle. "On the other hand the odds may be against me on Point Chi, but if Eruruu can beat my opponent AND Haruhi in Japan, I can do the same to Yuki here."

In other action, the ISML relegations rounds continued. In Tokyo, Ayu Tsukimiya defeated Hayate Yagami 1365-1072. Louise Francoise Le Blanc De La Valliere, who will still be in the ISML next season because of her Group Finals win over Momoko Toyoko, was all smiles when she defeated Sayuri Kurata 1440-1153 in New York.

"It seems that the wave is turning against some of the Saki girls," said De La Valliere after her contest. "That doesn't mean that these matches are meaningless. I want to win the rest of my matches and finish this thing on a winning note. This will be great experience heading into next season, because I anticipate that a certain band from Tokyo is going to spice things up a bit."

She was referred to the band K-ON!, also known at Sakuragaoka High School as Hokago Tea Time. Azusa Nakano already qualified for next year, as did the younger sister of lead guitarist Yui Hirasawa, Ui. However, Yui has a chance to qualify for next year with a victory over Minori Kushieda in the Group E Final. Kushieda already will be in the main draw by way of her finish, but Hirasawa is the favorite in the contest. And though Mio Akiyama, Ritsu Tainaka and Tsumugi Kotobuki are already eliminated, they are expected to be nominated for next year's edition, and to be voted in early.

Continuing with the relegation battles...Mai Kawasumi defeated Yuuhi Katagiri 1373-1126 in Buenos Aires, Cairo saw Misuzu Kamio defeat Nayuki Minase 1164-1083, Mikoto Misaka Shocked Reimu Hakurei 1224-1131 in MOscow, Chii defeated Evangeline McDowell 1222-1128 in London and Index L. Prohibitorum made it a rare To Aru Majutsu no Index relegation sweep with a 1238-1099 victory over Vita in Sydney.